The Bar Method with a side of Adora Calcium- oh and a giveaway.

Jun 11, 13 The Bar Method with a side of Adora Calcium- oh and a giveaway.

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Last week I went to an event that Boston Parent Bloggers coordinated with the good people at 360PR. It was really well run, food and babysitting (!), and gave me good information and a nice goody bag. These are all things I truly appreciate when I am driving into the city to attend an event about calcium in the middle of the day....

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Boogie our Oogie off

Aug 22, 12 Boogie our Oogie off

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The kids and I are going to a special screening of the Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure tomorrow. We’re pretty excited! Apparently it’s an interactive movie and we’re expected to Boogie our Oogie off. Whatever that is ;-) We’ll let you know wat we...

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Images from BlogHer12 NYC

Aug 07, 12 Images from BlogHer12 NYC

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I am still processing all of the things I learned at BlogHer12 so this isn’t a recap post. Since I can’t impart the learning just yet I will give you what I saw…     The BlogHer McDonold’s Bus! The President Welcomes us.

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Some time for myself

Jul 30, 12 Some time for myself

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This is my twitter avatar. And it is how I feel most of the time. Times 4 (that includes husband) I always feel like there is someone watching me or there is someone that needs watching. Someone always needs something. From me. I started this new rebranded blog with high hopes and huge intentions. I have fallen short. I am needed...

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Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

Jul 01, 12 Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

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So I told you how excited I was to go, and it was ah- mazing. It really was. Have you ever been? You should go! Here’s the deets on tickets –  Buy tickets here. They’ll be in town through the 5th of August. The venue is the right on the waterfront at the Boston Marine Industrial Park. It will be a great night...

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Finally, Cirque du Soleil.

Jun 13, 12 Finally, Cirque du Soleil.

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I have wanted to go to Cirque for ages. Ever since I first heard about it. The universe has finally conspired to get me to Boston to see this… I am beyond excited! AND it’s a date night. Wooohoo!

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