First Day of School

Sep 02, 14 First Day of School

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The first day of school is always filled with glee and nerves for me. I am excited for them, and for me. And nervous for them and sad for me. It’s a big jumble of emotions. I usually cry. Today was no exception.      

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The Newton Kitchen Tour will be the end of me – and a GIVEAWAY

Mar 25, 14 The Newton Kitchen Tour will be the end of me – and a GIVEAWAY

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In case you’ve been wondering where I am, no I didn’t fade away into nothing from my cleanse, nor did my boy give me a nervous breakdown. I haven’t been vlogging or blogging because I’ve been busy. Now you all KNOW how much I hate that. But it’s the truth. I have made some choices about how to spend my...

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Elementary School Fundraiser

Nov 29, 13 Elementary School Fundraiser

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I don’t ask you guys for much. (Do I? Maybe I do? Read this blog! Subscribe to my YouTube! Cut yourself some slack! Ack sorry about that, maybe I do?!) I’m not really asking you to do anything here either except to click this lovely little link and do any Amazon shopping you might be thinking of doing today, this...

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Light a candle of love

Dec 23, 12 Light a candle of love

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My children are playing together quietly in the other room. I hear them whispering to each other. They are playing nicely. My children. They are 6, 4 & 2. This doesn’t happen often. The quiet playing nicely thing. I have a minute so I thought I’d write. I have gone quiet since last Friday. Since Newtown. Since the...

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Love to the Teachers

Dec 16, 12 Love to the Teachers

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On Friday afternoon before I picked up N at school, I sent an email off to his teachers. His current 1st grade teacher and his Kindergarten teacher from last year. I was feeling overwhelmed by the news of the shooting in Newtown and just profoundly sad. Also, thankful. I am thankful for the teachers my child has had so far. We...

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First day of school

Sep 17, 12 First day of school

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Someone was pretty excited for her first day of preschool. Love...

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