Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

So I told you how excited I was to go, and it was ah- mazing. It really was. Have you ever been? You should go!

Here’s the deets on tickets –  Buy tickets here. They’ll be in town through the 5th of August. The venue is the right on the waterfront at the Boston Marine Industrial Park. It will be a great night out!

The overwhelming feeling I got was “Holy Hell these people are in good shape.” and “Oh my god someone is going to come crashing to the floor.” Thankfuly no one did, because they’re professionals. Amazingingly talented professional acrobats, jugglers, and performers. Not to mention the incredible music!

The fixed trapeze act was by far my very favorite. Really just beautiful and funny and exciting and sexy. All that and a bag of chips.(Chips that I doubt either of them would even consider eating.)

The traffic going in was a nightmare as was the parking garage getting out. I’m betting that they’ve fixed the latter by now though. The former, well it’s Boston. All in all, I went home sure that I too could fly through the air if I just practiced enough. Also that my abs are very flabby. Very Flabby.


You should go!


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