Long Island Trip in Photos


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Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Who am I?

Why am I talking to the camera?

Why am I talking to you?


Watch and see if I can actually answer any of these things…

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Long Island Winery Tour

Last weekend the hubs and I offloaded the kids to Nana and Papa and set off on short excursion to Long Island. Long Island, you say?

Yes, Long Island.

Long Island

Specifically, we went to the North Fork of Long Island. I know you have all kinds of preconceived ideas about Long Island if you’ve never been there and maybe even if you have. I know I did. But this trip was not what I expected. Am I the only one that keeps saying Long Island Lolita over and over in my head? Well, my trip gave me new things to say over and over in my head. Like wine, cute towns, lovely people, great food, gorgeous scenery. It’s all there people. All of it.

The main focus of our tour was winery tours. Where. do. I. sign. up?

This is an overview of our trip. I’ll pull out some details in a couple of other future posts and, of course, there is video. Silly. Of course there’s video.

The Cross Sound Ferry took us across Long Island Sound from New London. A really easy 80 minute trip. Vintage Tours picked us up and we had a quick lunch at The Loft Restaurant in Greenport and then off to our first winery – Bedell Cellars. Two of my favorite wines from the trip were here. A lovely Sauvignon Blanc and a Musee.


From there we went to see a vintage restored carousel in Greenport center and to an old boat building company, Wooden Boatworks. The boat builders had a clubhouse which was to me by far the most fascinating part of the boat house. I could just imagine decades of boat builders and fisherman gathering here for a drink or two after a days work. My husband was bowled over by the old wood working machines, but for me it was this lamp in the “Clubhouse”.


We were dropped at our hotels and bed and breakfasts for a freshen up. We stayed at the Bartlett House Inn a few blocks from the center of Greenport. I’m not really a bed and breakfast kinda gal, but this place won me over. So very pretty and every detail is attended to. I will try not to give you this ear worm when I say their name, but Jack and Diane, our hosts were so very kind. You know, just two American kids growin’ up in the heartland… Sorry.


I put on a pretty dress and giant heels, because, no kids. Off we went to Kontokotsa Winery. We sampled a few more wines and were treated to one of the winemakers climbing to the top of one of the barrels to use a thief to siphon to wine out and into a carafe for us!


Noah’s of Greenport put out quite a dinner spread for us. Every bit of it was so tasty. Bacon and beer candied almonds (yes BACON and BEER), delicate crab cakes, lamb sliders, and Moroccan hummus.


After our lovely soiree there were some nighttime shenanigans at Ruby’s Bed and Breakfast, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, and First and South. Shopping carts were involved I believe. We should consult Dollops and Muffintop about that. I’m old and I went to bed, but I saw the pictures!

The next day we all had lovely breakfasts and we set of in two groups to The Old Field Vineyards and the Harbes Family Farm. We stopped for a bit at Orient By The Sea for lunch.

Then off we went again on the Cross Sound Ferry. It was a whirlwind trip and I’d love to go back. I think  North Fork is a great romantic getaway or a family vacation the likes of the Cape or The Islands. It takes about the same amount of to make the trip as well.

Long Island Weekends can give you some ideas and Cross Sound Ferry can get you there.






I was given a complimentary trip to North Fork Long Island. All opinions are my own.

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Happy Monday! Moustaches and More

Happy Monday! Moustaches and More.

I shot this super quick this morning and then did nothing with it until now. It’s been a day.

I thought I’d talk to you about my moustache and my favorite product to get rid of said moustache. I love me some Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

And then I ramble for a bit. Then I demand you subscribe. Good stuff here y’all.

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What the Heck Are You Eating – Detox Edition

Feeling Good. Again. I hope it lasts. Things are looking up. Phase 2 is OVAH (if you’re not from Boston that’s OVER).

Vlog #8!! Today I’m answering the question”What the heck are you eating?” You know. And now you will.


Off you go…



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Deep cleanse, and um, nothing got done

These few days are the deepest part of the Whole Food Detox. It is the most restrictive and perhaps that why I don’t feel so well today. Just kind of BLERGH.

I had big plans for the week which didn’t work out so well for me today. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I also discovered that I say um, A LOT.

And now I need to go to sleep.

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