Red Jacket Mountain View Resort Review and Giveaway

Oct 14, 14 Red Jacket Mountain View Resort Review and Giveaway

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Last weekend the Red Jacket Inn Mountain View Resort hosted the ViolaCay family! The kids were um, excited to say the least. And natch, we made a video… The Red Jacket Mountain View Resort is in North Conway, New Hampshire. The White Mountains are beautiful, there is outlet shopping , and of course Storyland is there. For...

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Red Jacket Kahuna Laguna Freak Out

Oct 08, 14 Red Jacket Kahuna Laguna Freak Out

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Yep he’s at it again. This time the other two get their freak on too! I love surprising these kids!   Stay tuned for some awesome giveaway...

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Olaf the Pumpkin Snowman!

Oct 07, 14 Olaf the Pumpkin Snowman!

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I am sure there are a 100 posts about this on Pinterest. But I’m not even going to check. I’m just going to post this for you here because I think it’s so stinkin’ cute. Olaf from Disney’s Frozen made out of pumpkins for Halloween! I will NEVER do this this but I hope some of you crafty mamas out there...

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Are you the best mom?!

Oct 06, 14 Are you the best mom?!

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  Theo told me today. “Mom, you wanna know something?’ “Yes I do buddy, always.” He lowers his voice a bit as if it might be a secret. “You’re the bestest mom.” “Aw thanks honey. That’s an awful nice thing to say.” Getting louder now. “No I mean it. Like better...

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Great Wolf Lodge New England for the Holidays

Oct 03, 14 Great Wolf Lodge New England for the Holidays

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Last weekend my family and I were asked to attend a Howliday sneak peek at Great Wolf Lodge New England!   We got to experience Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one sitting! First we started with Howl-o-ween. The kids decorated treat bags and got some candy from the witch. During the month of October kids will get in...

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King Richard’s Faire

Sep 30, 14 King Richard’s Faire

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I took the fam to King Richard’s Faire last weekend. The first thing I learned is that you can’t bring food in. M’lady at the gate was very pissy about that. Heh. Second, you need cash. And a lot of it. They don’t take credit and all the performers ask for tips. That’s how they make a living...

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