Is there a Fairy in the House?

Feb 13, 14 Is there a Fairy in the House?

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Is there a Fairy in the House? “I’ve been loving Fairies kind of like for a long time. I made a Fairy House so the Fairies knowed I like them….I hope you have a very happy day!” Oh I will have a happy day. thank you little miss. My heart is bursting from the...

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Monday Vlog of Realizations

Feb 10, 14 Monday Vlog of Realizations

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Monday vlog where I realize I need to change my ways and that I probably should have gotten stitch in my finger.

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Monday Morning Vlog

Feb 03, 14 Monday Morning Vlog

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Good morning everyone. I thought I would change things up from my 10 pm post time and become a morning person :-) No, not really. I will never be a morning person. I have things and stuff to do today so here we...

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Year in Review Kid Video

Jan 31, 14 Year in Review Kid Video

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This is me cheating on my #videoaday thang. But who cares really? You don’t, I know you don’t. I don’t. I’m cheating because I made this video LAST January. So I thought if I’m going to cheat a bit I would give you guys something in return. Do you want to know how easy it was to make that video? How...

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Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer Zucchasta! Zucchini Pasta

Jan 28, 14 Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer Zucchasta! Zucchini Pasta

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We’re calling it Zucchasta! Yeah we know it’s weird, if it makes them eat it I’ll call it whatever they want. Since doing the Whole Food Detox I’ve really been adding more and more, well, whole foods into our diet here in the little purple house. My oldest doesn’t love past but loves vegetables. Middles...

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