Motherhood Comes Naturally, by Scary Mommy

Jul 19, 13 Motherhood Comes Naturally, by Scary Mommy

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Hahahahahahahaha. Naturally. HA! The lies we’re told about motherhood before and after we give birth are hilarious, and Scary Mommy is out to prove that with her new book.   As someone who has commented a time or two on the confession boards at Scary Mommy (Go ahead TRY to guess which are mine :-) and as a regular reader...

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Smoothies are Green

May 29, 13 Smoothies are Green

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I love that, in our house, smoothies are green. They started out all pink and pretty. Somewhere along the line it all changed and we never looked back. Someone, somewhere told me they put spinach in their kids smoothies and that they couldn’t even taste it. Really? Intriguing. So one day I said “How about we make our...

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Blankies for Boston

Apr 22, 13 Blankies for Boston

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My wonderful future sister-in-law (if my BIL ever gets off his duff) is running a project called Blankies for Boston. They are collecting 1000 comfort blankets for victims, victims’ families, and first responders of the Boston Marathon bombing. The four women organizing this project met knitting and crocheting scarves for...

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Babba Box – Crafty fun on your doorstep

Mar 14, 13 Babba Box – Crafty fun on your doorstep

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I went to an event at Barefoot Books last week and I won the door prize! There were actually two parts to the raffle that were equally exciting. The first was a credit from Urban Sitters! Can you say Date Night?! I have been itching to use Urban Sitter ever since my speed dating experience with them a while back. But I needed a...

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Fisher Price-apalooza

Oct 10, 12 Fisher Price-apalooza

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When the kids and I go to the Nana and the Papa’s houses consecutively, as we often do for conveneince, we call it NanaPapalooza. A couple of weeks ago I went to two Fisher Price events in a week! So… Fisher Price-apalooza! The first event was put on by Mommy Niri called Tots and technology. We all let the kids play...

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Images from BlogHer12 NYC

Aug 07, 12 Images from BlogHer12 NYC

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I am still processing all of the things I learned at BlogHer12 so this isn’t a recap post. Since I can’t impart the learning just yet I will give you what I saw…     The BlogHer McDonold’s Bus! The President Welcomes us.

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