Wordless Wednesday – Money Problems

We don’t have money problems, per se. My problem with money is that I’m terrible with it. I don’t spend a lot of it, but I don’t like to manage it. I hate figuring it all out. HATE IT!


We deferred our taxes in April and I put off doing the work until it was due. Like, NOW.

Right NOW. I need to do the taxes.

It’s not even the heavy lifting. There is an accountant and a book keeper. But there is still other STUFF. And for some reason the person that doesn’t like to manage money has to um, manage it.

So that’s where I’ll be instead of the lovely post I was planning for today.

Also, Mint is saving my ass right now! I big puff heart you Mint!



Are you “good” with money? Who handles in it your house?

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My messy house.



My messy house happened fast and it’s going to take a long time to pick up this I know for sure.

School starts on Tuesday that that stuff needs to be done before the picking up of the mess.

OR maybe I need to pick up first so I’m more organized. I don’t know.

All I know is I need help and I’m clearly not going to get any!

I recorded this on Wednesday which in my post vacation stupor I thought was Monday. So now it’s Friday and the house is not clean “by the end of the week” like I said it would be because DUH my brain thinks it’s now Wednesday.

Follow? No?

It’s okay I’ll have it clean soon :-) Just keepin’ it real for the internet y’all.


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Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Who am I?

Why am I talking to the camera?

Why am I talking to you?


Watch and see if I can actually answer any of these things…

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The ADHD Doldrums

Today was a weird day and I’m feeling weird.

This is longer than my normal vlog, sorry about that. You don’t have to watch the whole thing.

I present a very special episode of Viola cay ;-) (Don’t those ones always win the Emmy’s?)

The ADHD Doldrums




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Give in to the crazy

I try not to give in to the crazy, my crazy, too often. I feel like as an adult I need to temper it, beat it back, quiet it.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it gets too swirly in there. I have to give in.

Today the crazy started to creep, it actually started last night but I didn’t really take too much notice of it. But I remember it now. When I kissed the littlest good night I paused and thought about the next day. Would he be okay? Push it back. He’ll be fine.

He’s in my room in the middle of the night with a runny nose. I give him an extra squeeze. He’ll be fine.

This morning when I wake him up his nose is super stuffy. I’ll put him in the shower. He’ll be fine.

He tells me he doesn’t want to go to school. That’s all I need really. My crazy hears it and says Ok baby. Stay with mama today. But I quiet it.

Today there is a Thanksgiving Feast at my son’s preschool. My son’s NOT peanut free preschool. Now I’ve already talked with them about the feast. He will have his own new placemat. I will bring his food. I will be there. It will be fine. He’ll be fine.

But then the crazy starts to say otherwise. But what if I’m not watching for a minute? What if the teachers aren’t watching because I’m there? Ok settle down crazy, I think to myself. I am sure they’re not serving peanut butter for Thanksgiving for god’s sake. He’ll be fine.

I can’t shake it. It starts to rise from my belly to my heart. I start to ache a little when I look at him. This is so new for us. He had his first reaction to peanuts just before he turned 2. He’s 3.5 now. The daycare he went to two mornings a week last year was peanut free. His new preschool, one that his big sister and brother went to, is not. I know they are watching him though I know they care about him. I know. He’ll be fine.

But still, it’s moving from my heart to my throat. Is this what it feels like for him when his throat tightens, this panic attack I’m about to have. If I fail sometimes at keeping him safe how can they? Shake it OFF. He’ll be fine.

It moves from my throat to my brain. I do a crazy check. I call my mother. Am I crazy? Do what you need to do honey. I ask my husband. Do what you need to do honey.

This moment feels like the time I can give in to this crazy. He’s so young. He doesn’t need this lesson right now. He won’t remember it. Next year. When he needs more practice for Kindergarten he can have that lesson. Learn how he needs to move around a whole bunch of food that could hurt him. Today he won’t miss it, he doesn’t need it. He’ll be fine.

The crazy has fully taken over. “Baby do you want to stay home with mama today? He runs to me and gives me a squeezey hug with a big smile. “Can I watch Mickey? He’ll be fine.

The crazy? It could be about anything really. Food allergies. Leaving a kid at a dropoff party in public for the first time. A tween at the mall with her friends for the first time. A teenager driving for the first time alone. College. OMG college. Sometime you let it creep. Sometimes you beat it back.

Me? I’ll work on it. For today I get to snuggle with this guy. And I’m ok with that.


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Just jump.

My son is afraid to jump off the diving board at swim lessons. I watch him carefully and nervously make his way out to the end. He retreats. He walks back out. He takes a few steps back then forward with some encouraging words from his instructor. She is right behind him now inching him closer. He shakes his head and she lowers him down. After swim we talk about about it and I tell him he just needs to go for it. “Just jump.” I say. “Make it fun! You can do it. Just jump!”


There are so many reasons that I haven’t posted in a while.

It’s summer.

My kids are home.

I have to feed them.

I have to play with them.

My house is mess.

We’ve been away.

We’re taking swim lessons.

I’ve been at barre class.

I’m tired.

But mostly, I think I may be a shitty blogger. I just don’t have the passion for it anymore. I’m in a bloggy slump.

I don’t get paid to do this, yeah I get some free stuff here and there, but…. well. It doesn’t pay for my shoe/purse habit. I’m kind of a junkie.

I feel like I’ve lost my way. Lost my voice. I feel like no one is reading this except for the #4HB peeps. And my bloggy friends – smooch. And of course, my mom and dad. Which I thank you for!

There is so much I want to do here, and elsewhere, but really all I can do right now is be a mom and try to keep my house clean. Seriously that’s all I can muster. I see everyone “doing so much” and I think, my God I’m a slacker. But I know I’m not. I just feeeeeel that way.

I also feel like I’ve written this before. Maybe I am a shitty blogger? I love video – I should be a vlogger. But then I’d have to put makeup on and such. It’s too much.

Do you ever just feel like you’re not living up to your potential? Like there’s is more if you just push yourself a little bit? If we just jumped…


just jump


Next week when my son goes back for his second round of swim lessons I may just jump off that diving board before him. “Watch Mommy!” I’ll say.

Just jump!


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