Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

May 19, 14 Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

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Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about? Who am I? Why am I talking to the camera? Why am I talking to you? WHY? Watch and see if I can actually answer any of these things…

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The ADHD Doldrums

Feb 05, 14 The ADHD Doldrums

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Today was a weird day and I’m feeling weird. This is longer than my normal vlog, sorry about that. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. I present a very special episode of Viola cay ;-) (Don’t those ones always win the Emmy’s?) The ADHD...

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Give in to the crazy

Nov 25, 13 Give in to the crazy

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I try not to give in to the crazy, my crazy, too often. I feel like as an adult I need to temper it, beat it back, quiet it. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it gets too swirly in there. I have to give in. Today the crazy started to creep, it actually started last night but I didn’t really take too much notice of...

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Just jump.

Jul 11, 13 Just jump.

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My son is afraid to jump off the diving board at swim lessons. I watch him carefully and nervously make his way out to the end. He retreats. He walks back out. He takes a few steps back then forward with some encouraging words from his instructor. She is right behind him now inching him closer. He shakes his head and she lowers him...

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Just Smile

Feb 26, 13 Just Smile

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I’m having kind of a bad day. Started out with a fight with my husband. My work time flew by without me feeling like much was accomplished. The house is a mess. I’m not just being dramatic – it’s a mess. Three pick ups in a row. The big boy is home for the afternoon and is VERY needy. I have PMS. My husband...

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Day 4 – WDW (part 1). So many things.

Feb 14, 13 Day 4 – WDW (part 1). So many things.

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Oh yeah, it’s gonna come to you in parts, Wednesday is. Mmmmm hmmmmm. Good Morning Wednesday! Our fourth day at Disney and well, you’ve been reading right? If not, a virus came on our vacation with us. Day 1 was ok. Day 2 not so much. And Day 3, well, it was kind of a bust. Where to start with Day 4? Oh I...

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