Wordless Wednesday – Money Problems

Sep 17, 14 Wordless Wednesday – Money Problems

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We don’t have money problems, per se. My problem with money is that I’m terrible with it. I don’t spend a lot of it, but I don’t like to manage it. I hate figuring it all out. HATE IT! We deferred our taxes in April and I put off doing the work until it was due. Like, NOW. Right NOW. I need to do the...

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Long Island Winery Tour

May 16, 14 Long Island Winery Tour

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Last weekend the hubs and I offloaded the kids to Nana and Papa and set off on short excursion to Long Island. Long Island, you say? Yes, Long Island. Specifically, we went to the North Fork of Long Island. I know you have all kinds of preconceived ideas about Long Island if you’ve never been there and maybe even if you...

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Half-assed Blogger

Apr 10, 13 Half-assed Blogger

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I have so many draft in my posts folder. So many. I am a half-assed blogger. I am also a half-assed mama, but someone already staked a claim to that ;-) Half -assed housekeeper? Yep. Wife? You guessed it. So many things lately are half done around here and I’m getting kind of sick of it. Sometimes I leave the dishwasher half...

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Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

Jul 01, 12 Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

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So I told you how excited I was to go, and it was ah- mazing. It really was. Have you ever been? You should go! Here’s the deets on tickets –  Buy tickets here. They’ll be in town through the 5th of August. The venue is the right on the waterfront at the Boston Marine Industrial Park. It will be a great night...

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Finally, Cirque du Soleil.

Jun 13, 12 Finally, Cirque du Soleil.

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I have wanted to go to Cirque for ages. Ever since I first heard about it. The universe has finally conspired to get me to Boston to see this… I am beyond excited! AND it’s a date night. Wooohoo!

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Suburban housewife transformation complete. (almost)

Oct 06, 11 Suburban housewife transformation complete. (almost)

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  LL Bean should just go ahead and add a little note to this quilted vest order when they send it. “Congratulations on your choice to complete your transformation into suburban domesticity. Enjoy.” It’s really comfy. Really, it is. I could still probably shove a nose ring into the closed up hole if I...

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