Wordless Wednesday – Money Problems

We don’t have money problems, per se. My problem with money is that I’m terrible with it. I don’t spend a lot of it, but I don’t like to manage it. I hate figuring it all out. HATE IT!


We deferred our taxes in April and I put off doing the work until it was due. Like, NOW.

Right NOW. I need to do the taxes.

It’s not even the heavy lifting. There is an accountant and a book keeper. But there is still other STUFF. And for some reason the person that doesn’t like to manage money has to um, manage it.

So that’s where I’ll be instead of the lovely post I was planning for today.

Also, Mint is saving my ass right now! I big puff heart you Mint!



Are you “good” with money? Who handles in it your house?

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Long Island Winery Tour

Last weekend the hubs and I offloaded the kids to Nana and Papa and set off on short excursion to Long Island. Long Island, you say?

Yes, Long Island.

Long Island

Specifically, we went to the North Fork of Long Island. I know you have all kinds of preconceived ideas about Long Island if you’ve never been there and maybe even if you have. I know I did. But this trip was not what I expected. Am I the only one that keeps saying Long Island Lolita over and over in my head? Well, my trip gave me new things to say over and over in my head. Like wine, cute towns, lovely people, great food, gorgeous scenery. It’s all there people. All of it.

The main focus of our tour was winery tours. Where. do. I. sign. up?

This is an overview of our trip. I’ll pull out some details in a couple of other future posts and, of course, there is video. Silly. Of course there’s video.

The Cross Sound Ferry took us across Long Island Sound from New London. A really easy 80 minute trip. Vintage Tours picked us up and we had a quick lunch at The Loft Restaurant in Greenport and then off to our first winery – Bedell Cellars. Two of my favorite wines from the trip were here. A lovely Sauvignon Blanc and a Musee.


From there we went to see a vintage restored carousel in Greenport center and to an old boat building company, Wooden Boatworks. The boat builders had a clubhouse which was to me by far the most fascinating part of the boat house. I could just imagine decades of boat builders and fisherman gathering here for a drink or two after a days work. My husband was bowled over by the old wood working machines, but for me it was this lamp in the “Clubhouse”.


We were dropped at our hotels and bed and breakfasts for a freshen up. We stayed at the Bartlett House Inn a few blocks from the center of Greenport. I’m not really a bed and breakfast kinda gal, but this place won me over. So very pretty and every detail is attended to. I will try not to give you this ear worm when I say their name, but Jack and Diane, our hosts were so very kind. You know, just two American kids growin’ up in the heartland… Sorry.


I put on a pretty dress and giant heels, because, no kids. Off we went to Kontokotsa Winery. We sampled a few more wines and were treated to one of the winemakers climbing to the top of one of the barrels to use a thief to siphon to wine out and into a carafe for us!


Noah’s of Greenport put out quite a dinner spread for us. Every bit of it was so tasty. Bacon and beer candied almonds (yes BACON and BEER), delicate crab cakes, lamb sliders, and Moroccan hummus.


After our lovely soiree there were some nighttime shenanigans at Ruby’s Bed and Breakfast, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, and First and South. Shopping carts were involved I believe. We should consult Dollops and Muffintop about that. I’m old and I went to bed, but I saw the pictures!

The next day we all had lovely breakfasts and we set of in two groups to The Old Field Vineyards and the Harbes Family Farm. We stopped for a bit at Orient By The Sea for lunch.

Then off we went again on the Cross Sound Ferry. It was a whirlwind trip and I’d love to go back. I think  North Fork is a great romantic getaway or a family vacation the likes of the Cape or The Islands. It takes about the same amount of to make the trip as well.

Long Island Weekends can give you some ideas and Cross Sound Ferry can get you there.






I was given a complimentary trip to North Fork Long Island. All opinions are my own.

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Half-assed Blogger

I have so many draft in my posts folder. So many. I am a half-assed blogger.

I am also a half-assed mama, but someone already staked a claim to that ;-) Half -assed housekeeper? Yep. Wife? You guessed it.

So many things lately are half done around here and I’m getting kind of sick of it. Sometimes I leave the dishwasher half emptied. Seriously.


In my own defense there is so much going on in this house that I can’t keep up. To be clear, this is not a complaint. I am loving my life with all it’s crazy.

But, it’s so so crazy sometimes that I have to close up the dishwasher leaving it half emptied. In which case my husband will inevitably put a dirty dish in there. Or I’ll stop him juuuust before he does and yell “That’s still clean!” To which he tilts his head to the side as if to say “WTF. Really? Again?” Then in my head I say “I know, I know I’m a half-assed everything. I suuuuuuck.”

And so it goes.

So this week. I will try to see everything to it’s full completion before moving on to something else. Like this blog post. I am DYING to get up and do something else. Anything else. I am SURE I could think of something. But I won’t. I will stay until I press publish.

Then I will write more posts.  I will fold the laundry and then PUT IT AWAY. I will clean off my desk and then find a place for all the crap I took off of it. I will empty my son’s backpack and return school forms in a timely fashion. I will do this!

Oh you know what I did right before this? That’s right. I emptied the damn dishwasher.

Take that…whoever.

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Cirque du Ah-Mazing!

So I told you how excited I was to go, and it was ah- mazing. It really was. Have you ever been? You should go!

Here’s the deets on tickets –  Buy tickets here. They’ll be in town through the 5th of August. The venue is the right on the waterfront at the Boston Marine Industrial Park. It will be a great night out!

The overwhelming feeling I got was “Holy Hell these people are in good shape.” and “Oh my god someone is going to come crashing to the floor.” Thankfuly no one did, because they’re professionals. Amazingingly talented professional acrobats, jugglers, and performers. Not to mention the incredible music!

The fixed trapeze act was by far my very favorite. Really just beautiful and funny and exciting and sexy. All that and a bag of chips.(Chips that I doubt either of them would even consider eating.)

The traffic going in was a nightmare as was the parking garage getting out. I’m betting that they’ve fixed the latter by now though. The former, well it’s Boston. All in all, I went home sure that I too could fly through the air if I just practiced enough. Also that my abs are very flabby. Very Flabby.


You should go!


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Finally, Cirque du Soleil.

I have wanted to go to Cirque for ages. Ever since I first heard about it. The universe has finally conspired to get me to Boston to see this…

I am beyond excited!

AND it’s a date night. Wooohoo!

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Suburban housewife transformation complete. (almost)


LL Bean should just go ahead and add a little note to this quilted vest order when they send it.

“Congratulations on your choice to complete your transformation into suburban domesticity. Enjoy.”

It’s really comfy. Really, it is.

I could still probably shove a nose ring into the closed up hole if I tried really hard.



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