14 Day Whole Food Detox – A challenge and a discount

Are you ready to leave fogginess behind? What about bloat? Ready to feel great? Want to figure out which foods are unkind to your body? Which foods are kind?

Do you have 14 days? That’s all it takes.

I’ve done this detox before and I love it and that’s why I’m here talking to you about it. If you’ve read my other posts or watched my vlogs about it then you know. Now it’s your turn!

Register here!  Use the code CANDYBOWL for 15% off.


The November detox program starts on Sunday Nov 2nd. Immediately upon registration, you will receive two video Pre-Modules to supplement your course work and help you get started right away. This is a virtual course, delivered live.  You will receive three video modules plus digital materials via email and training calls via webinar. Learn the whys + hows of clean eating.

Digital program material includes a guidebook, an exact seasonal grocery list, recipe pack, and much more. Frequent emails during the program are included to guide you each step of the way. An online community for support and accountability all day, every day, via your private Facebook community of up to 100 other men and women. Two LIVE training calls delivered by Jody + Ashley.

Got a question? Need expert support? You’ll have access to Jody + Ashley (both certified holistic nutrition coaches) via your private Facebook forum throughout the program.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? The November program starts on Sunday and the doors close on registration tomorrow! Use the code CANDYBOWL to get 15% off.


Oh and this right here…

You can totally eat this on this detox. It’s a Chocolate Brownie Oat Bar!

I have done the Whole Food Detox and believe in it and J+A so much that I joined their affiliate program so that I can promote this awesome program while making a little money – -that’s my disclosure ;-)

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Is he still allergic? Retesting for Food Allergies

Some allergists recommend retesting for food allergies every two years. Some say you should retest every year. Some, because their allergies are always changing, do it every six months. At this point in his young life we are on the one year plan for my son. He had a reaction when he was two. Followed up by a positive blood test. Then a skin test a year later.

He starts preschool again in a few days and I needed a new allergy action plan for the school so I called and scheduled a new test as well.

Here’s the thing, I know my kid has a nut allergy. His epinephrine shots in my purse are a constant reminder.

I have known since he was two years old. I knew the day that I almost killed him (but not really) with honey nut o’s. I know it every time I need to purchase special snacks for him for preschool. I know when I send him in to that same not peanut free school for lunch, and hold my breath for the hour that I know he’s eating with the other kids.

I KNOW he has a life threatening nut allergy.

Yet when I took him to get retested last week, there was a small (ok big) part of me that was hoping it was all a mistake. That my memory of his allergic reaction to four little peanuts had somehow become exaggerated in my head. That the blood test was wrong. That the subsequent scratch test was a fluke.


My poor little love.

As I sat there on the exam table holding my precious 4year old son against my body as he writhed in pain from how much it itched. I saw the reaction take place before my eyes growing bigger, and bigger still. The entire set that was peanuts and tree nuts became just a giant inflamed blob on his back. And I cried. My tears falling on his little head as he struggled to hear the Cars movie playing on the iPad over his own itch induced shrieks.

The medical assistant came in and looked shocked at the size of his reaction. Then a nurse came in to check his breathing. Then finally the doctor. Each one surprised. They do this every day, I thought. This shouldn’t be so shocking? Is it that bad? The tears again.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

My son has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. There is no doubt.

I walked into that appointment hoping that perhaps he grew out of it. That’s the hope and the dream right? They’ll grow out of it. People say that to me all the time when I tell them he has a nut allergy. “But he can grow out of it right?” Right. In theory. Maybe. Someday.

So I took all those hopes and good wishes into that room last week.

I just want him to be safe. I want him to not have to run across the room at a party and say “Mommy can I eat this?” And have to say “No, Baby I’m sorry.” I want him to be able to eat with his friends. I want to send him on a playdate without the fear that those in charge will fail him. I also hate that I have to put friends in that position. I want him to not think that some foods could kill him. He’s too young to even comprehend what that means. He just knows he’ll get sick. But I know. I know he could die. (And now the tears again.)

So I move ahead with a renewed vigilance to keep my boy safe.

But there’s something else that I can’t quite place. A sadness perhaps. Yes, just a desperate sadness. Life is so fragile. So tenuous. One little thing, the size of a peanut or a pistachio or an almond, could change everything.

I knew it before, but for some reason this time, it sank in. Deep.

When I left the office the doctor said, “Well we won’t have to test him for nuts for a while. Be sure you always have enough epi pens.” Sigh. Now I kinda wish we were on the yearly plan. It might mean that glimmer of hope was still there.


Does anyone you love have a food allergy. How are you feeling about it?

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I think you’re a VIP – Whole Food Detox Giveaway & Discount!

Do you feel not quite right? Do you have a nagging suspicion you could be eating better and living better? Do you think that kind of life is just for VIPs and celebrities?


I’m here to tell you it’s not. But if you don’t believe me I’m also here to tell you that I that YOU are a VIP!

To show you I’m giving away a 14 day Whole Food Detox from Team J+A. The value of the course is $247!

The 14-day Whole Food Detox, created by two holistic nutrition coaches, goes beyond generic programs and generic results.

Unlike other cleanses and detoxes, this program is designed to help you reach your goalsandsatisfy your taste buds.

With an emphasis on pleasure and nourishment rather than deprivation and restriction, this is a detox meant to permanently shift your experience.

I’ve done this detox. Twice! My mom has done this detox and it has completely changed her life. I love it and I believe in it. I may even do it again with you guys. I may or may not have indulged a bit too much on our awesome summer vacation ;-)

AND because I love you guys so much I also have a discount code for you! So if you don’t win you can use the code VIP when you check out here to get 15% off your Detox. The next detox starts on September 14th and registration closes on the 10th! So start thinking hard about how you want to change your life and how it could start with this!

Want to join me?

  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
  • Are you obsessed with calorie counting?
  • Consumed by food stress?
  • Moody?

Go on now start feeling good…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mason Jar Daisy Lid. A must have for summer fun and parties.

Daisy Lid for Mason Jars are a must have for summer fun and parties!



We have a lot of parties at our house. Not fancy schmancy cover the chairs in white parties but just regular friends over for good food and fun parties.

Recently, I had my little girls 6th birthday party at the house. Well didn’t she want a fancy party? Yes, she did! So we covered the kid table with a pretty table cloth and let her use my grandmother’s old monterey pastel stoneware. It was lovely.

But you know what the girls loved most? These daisy mason jar lids. They thought they were the best thing since fruit roll ups.


I posted a picture on Facebook and everyone there thought those lids were the best thing since, well, Facebook :-)

This is not a new trend, but one that I think bears some reminding. Everyone has mason jars. Everyone loves mason jars. The single best purchase I’ve made this year for parties and entertaining are these cute daisy lids. Get yourself some and have a little more fun at your parties this summer.

I made myself a drink in one of those mason jars after the party was over! I choose a pink umbrella.




Disclosure: Mason jar lid links are Amazon Affiliate links!

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Long Island Trip in Photos


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Birthday Party Double Header

Yeah, you read that right. We had a Birthday Party Double header over the weekend. Just in case you don’t get it, I want to be clear. We didn’t have two birthday parties in one. We had two birthday parties in one day. One right after the other. Yep.

My kids, as you know, have birthdays very close to each other. We had the 8 year old’s a few weeks ago. A simple pizza movie night. For the other two we had to wait for the grass to grow. And yeah, you heard that right too. We were waiting for the grass to grow.


We have a very difficult time getting grass to grow in our backyard.  It has a lot to do with drainage, or something. I don’t know. But I’ve been pushing for sod for the last 3 years and he, the husband, keeps just trying to grow grass. It’s crazymaking. In his defense we have to completely redo the side and backyard and buying sod for one year makes very little sense. But, now it’s been three years….so…

All my 4 year old wanted to do was have Lightening McQueen races around the backyard. That’s IT. That’s all he wanted.

So we waited.

His birthday passed and it began to get close to the 6 year old’s birthday. So now we need to have two parties that need to happen, and fast. I feel like we need to have them before the end of school crazy starts. So now we’re a week away from Memorial Day weekend. The grass is looking not half bad, so I say “Let’s just have them both on the same day. An hour in between!” Shockingly, husband thinks this is a great idea. “YES! Let’s just get it done!”

That day, I send invitations because it’s a week away. If I’m being honest I will tell you that I kinda hoped having it on the holiday weekend would reduce the numbers. I also hoped the late notice would mean people already had plans But you know what happens when you’re awful like that. EVERYBODY can come. Yep that’s right.

So we had a Cars Party and a Fancy Purple & Pink party (that’s a thing right?). I hurriedly jumped on Amazon Prime and bought all the goodies like this super cute pinwheel craft and paper strawsumbrellas, and flower mason jar lids for the girls’ drinks. I borrowed a tent, because of course it was supposed to rain (again that’s what happens when you’re awful). Then we rented some low kid tables and called it a day.

And what a day it was. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it sure was fun! The kids were all so great. Everyone was well behaved and had fun. AND it didn’t actually rain on the parties. It rained just before the first one and then not again. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

And he got his Lightening McQueen race…




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