The Nutcracker

Dec 09, 13 The Nutcracker

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Last year we went to The Nutcracker as guests of the Boston Ballet. It was wonderful and magical. I gave you five reasons why I thought you should go. This year some other bloggers were treated to the same lovely experience. And this year I give you one reason to go – I give you Miss C.   Tiny Dancer. A little video...

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What to do when your kid gets sick at Disney.

Apr 24, 13 What to do when your kid gets sick at Disney.

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First of all, if there is some kind of emergency call 911. Don’t hesitate. Just do it. Please. Second, if your toddler falls down and hurts themselves, like scrapes their knee. Either deal with it yourself or find a nurse at the park. They have them, that’s what they do. Use them. And third, if your child’s...

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Doughnut Seeds!

Apr 01, 13 Doughnut Seeds!

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My daughter’s preschool teachers sent her home with doughnut seeds today. Hmmmmm – they look like they could turn into doughnuts. She planted the seeds. She watered the seeds. She said she would wait for them to grow. Asked how long it would take? I couldn’t carry on with it anymore. I told her that there...

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It’s My Birthday!

Mar 05, 13 It’s My Birthday!

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It is my birthday today!! I will politely wait for you to finish singing… Thank you :-)   I think I missed like a whole week of blogging in there. I do not know what happened. Life happened, I guess. I’m busy. We’re all busy. Except for the lady at the nail salon today who is SO MUCH BUSIER than me and...

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Use the good stuff.

Jul 11, 12 Use the good stuff.

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I received a package in the mail a few weeks back and it contained a lovely thank you gift. A pretty bracelet and  a yummy bar of soap. My 4yo daughter was with me as I opened the package. I smelled the soap through the paper and said “oooh that smells nice”. She smelled it and agreed. I was about to go bring it...

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