Wordless Wednesday – Week 2 of Summer in pics

Jul 09, 14 Wordless Wednesday – Week 2 of Summer in pics

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Outdoor Movies Outdoor Living Baby #1 Baby #2 Baby#3 Running up to our little community library. Signing her name on her library card application. Big Kids with big kid library cards. Farm Girl. Snuggle boy. The Lake! Swim Babies. Ready… Jump! Now you! No, not you! Happy 4th! Summer means watermelon. And...

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Long Island Trip in Photos

Jun 04, 14 Long Island Trip in Photos

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Missing Disney – Showing My #Disneyside

Jan 23, 14 Missing Disney – Showing My #Disneyside

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To be perfectly honest I don’t really know what #Disneyside means. I think it means, no never mind I have no idea, maybe a little. ?? I’m just going to go with what I think it is…So to me, showing my DisneySide means donning my sequined Minnie Mouse ears and talking about what a craptastic trip we had to Disney...

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ViolaCay and the fam go to Storyland!

Sep 24, 13 ViolaCay and the fam go to Storyland!

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I think the fall would be a perfect time to visit Storyland in Glen NH. The crowds are down, the prices are down, but the fun is still there! The kids LOVE Splash Battle and the Raft Ride, but really, I could do without the soaking wet kids. In the fall I would have a built in – it’s a little chilly to do that today...

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Pause the blog.

Aug 21, 13 Pause the blog.

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One of my favorite things that my kids say that I NEVER said as a kid is “Pause” the game. They could be playing tag. “Pause! Pause the game.”  They could be playing checkers. Pause. The TV can be paused. The game on the iPad can be paused. Anything can be paused, because they think everything can just be...

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Story Land coupon goodness.

Jul 26, 13 Story Land coupon goodness.

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We had SO MUCH FUN at Story Land last year. We planned our vacation this year as soon as school ended. We have decided to mark the END of summer with a trip up north to Story Land. A sort of last hurrah of summer. We can’t wait to go! Story Land – where fantasy lives!  Story Land is a safe and natural setting where...

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