Why does my forehead hurt? A birth story

May 4th 2010 – there are a lot of things that hurt me today.  Why I am all consumed with figuring out why the hell my forehead hurts is beyond me.  My forehead!  Never mind that a baby just came screaming out of me in four hours (or four days) flat.  Everything hurts, but I just want to remember why my forehead hurts. If I...

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The Waiting Game

My husband actually said to me yesterday “Why don’t you just relax and enjoy the last days of your pregnancy?  This is the last time you’re going to be pregnant.  Just enjoy it.” Um, ENJOY IT?!?!  The time for enjoying was in the first trimester, oh wait I was so nauseous I couldn’t see straight. ...

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Life and death

All of the wakes and funerals are over.  Life and death, and birth, have been on my mind a lot lately. My grandfather died on January 31st.  My 39th (gulp) birthday came along.  The 15th anniversary of my little brother’s death was March 19th.  My husband’s 40th in April. Then last week.  Oh dear God, there was last...

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Crocs Love

Apr 20, 10 Crocs Love

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So I love Crocs.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  Especially now since they are the ONLY shoe I can wear without my back and my sciatic nerve giving me fits.  But here is the real truth – the ones I have, I do in fact, think are ugly.  They have some super cute ones now. But when I bought these a few years ago these were...

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38 weeks then never again

I was going to write a joyous post about being 38 week and being nearly done with this pregnancy.  Joyous because I AM DONE. I had (have) an upper respiratory infection for the past two weeks that has rendered me basically useless.  Now I can hardly walk from the strain that all the coughing has put on my muscles.  The baby is...

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Fear & loathing in my uterine wall

Mar 09, 10 Fear & loathing in my uterine wall

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So the realization that I am actually going to have this baby hit me the other day.  Like that I have to HAVE the baby.  Deliver the baby.  BIRTH the baby.  Oh crap. I haven’t thought much about my primary csection during this pregnancy, mostly because I haven’t had the time.  Strange because it was probably the...

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