Birthday Season


Yep, we have a birthday season here. My kids were all born within three weeks of each other.

Over four years people, not all at once. They are two years apart.

This year we will have a newly minted 8 year old, then a 4 year old, then a 6 year old. So you all know, she is miffed that her birthday is ALWAYS LAST. Oy. I can’t fix that. I just can’t sweet pea.

This year we’re having all at home birthday parties, of the no muss no fuss variety. We may decorate cupcakes or something, but that’s it.

Last year we had a 3fer at one of those jumpy places. They all said this year they want their own parties. That’s all well and good but they have to be at home I said. There have been some efforts at renegotiating that, but otherwise they are fine with it. They’re FINE.

Yesterday marked the beginning of birthday week for my oldest. A trip to the Lego store and out to dinner. Today is his actual birthday – there will be cake. He will also get presents from his siblings. We got him a new desk and organizing bins for his room from IKEA (which means I have to finish this post and get to puttin’ together a whole bunch of boxes that are sitting in the middle of his room. ACK!)

He’ll get to yell at everyone all week that it’s his birthday week (That’s a present right?!)

Then on Friday night a few friends are coming over for dinner and a movie and cake. (And by that I mean- Holy Hell there will be 8 8 year old boys in my tiny house!!)

The very next day is the next birthday, and a family party for all of them.
It’a season people, a full blown birthday SEASON :-)

And we love it.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


This kid is smart, funny, creative, stubborn, mischievous, kind, playful, intense, and EIGHT. Yep today the baby that made me a mom for the first time has a birthday. I love every bit of you!

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Because of you

I was leaving my son’s room for the third time tonight trying to get him to settle. (I bought him 4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for his birthday today and he won’t go to sleep.)

This last time he’s not reading, but the light is still on.

I shut the light off and say “Good night baby, I love you”.

He pops up in bed and he says “Mom! Today was the best day ever. And it’s all because of you.”

Me, in my head, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

“Thanks buddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom”

I win parenting, for today.


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Wordless Wednesday – just some super cute kids.


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Rainbow Party – Part 3. The kids.

My birthday boys and girl…


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Born to ride

So Monday is a work day for me. My WAHMness has been going through some transitions lately. I have a newborn, my 2yo is going to daycare 2x a week and my 4yo is in preschool 5 days.  I am trying to figure out where my work fits in.

Well it wasn’t fitting in anywhere on Monday. N was very needy, new teacher, new kids kind of needy. My newborn has decided that he doesn’t need to sleep for, say, more than 45 minutes at a time. So, not much working going on here.

I looked into the eyes of my preschool-tortured little guy and said “C’mon we’re going to the park and I’m going to teach you to ride a bike!”

“Cool” he said.

Off we went.

Now truth be told he’s been riding a balance bike once or twice a week all summer. And he’s been doing well. I put the balance bike and the pedal bike in the back of the car. We got this pedal bike out of someone’s trash. It is pink with white wheels and musical notes all over it – very butch.

I’m thinking he’s going to get on the pedal bike for a few minutes and want the balance bike.  I wasn’t even sure he would fit on the bike, he’s never been on it. We get to the grassy part of the park and I push him around for a while. I’m holding the handlebar and the seat, then just the seat then just his jacket in the back. I’m thinking to myself “He’s totally riding this bike right now!”.  He asks to go over to the dirt path.  We go.

I hold onto him for one minute and then.

I can not believe he can ride a bike. When I show him this video in a few years he’s going to say he can’t believe he’s riding a pink bike with sparkles all over it.

Where the hell did my little boy go??

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Wordless Wednesday – My Baby Turns 4!

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