Year in Review Kid Video

Jan 31, 14 Year in Review Kid Video

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This is me cheating on my #videoaday thang. But who cares really? You don’t, I know you don’t. I don’t. I’m cheating because I made this video LAST January. So I thought if I’m going to cheat a bit I would give you guys something in return. Do you want to know how easy it was to make that video? How...

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Wish I was here.

Oct 02, 13 Wish I was here.

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And I mean here on the blog. And also, HERE… Be back soon. xo vc

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Be pretty

Sep 18, 13 Be pretty

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I can be pretty sometimes. I’m not always in sweatpants sporting my signature ponytail. I don’t always have sunglasses on to hide a multitude of sins. Sometimes, I put on makeup. Sometimes I blow out my hair. Sometimes I even put on heels. And sometimes these things all come together. When I walk down the stairs my kids...

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Pause the blog.

Aug 21, 13 Pause the blog.

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One of my favorite things that my kids say that I NEVER said as a kid is “Pause” the game. They could be playing tag. “Pause! Pause the game.”  They could be playing checkers. Pause. The TV can be paused. The game on the iPad can be paused. Anything can be paused, because they think everything can just be...

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40 is the new…something

Aug 08, 13 40 is the new…something

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I’ve had a hard time with this week’s NaBloPoMo prompts. The August theme is hot and  this week is all about what is “Hot”. What makes a person hot? Is hotness fleeting? Would you want to be known as hot? I have to tell you  that I was so confused by all the hotness. Because I am of a certain age I am...

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