Wordless Wednesday – Week 2 of Summer in pics

Jul 09, 14 Wordless Wednesday – Week 2 of Summer in pics

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Outdoor Movies Outdoor Living Baby #1 Baby #2 Baby#3 Running up to our little community library. Signing her name on her library card application. Big Kids with big kid library cards. Farm Girl. Snuggle boy. The Lake! Swim Babies. Ready… Jump! Now you! No, not you! Happy 4th! Summer means watermelon. And...

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Wordless Wednesday – Week 1 of Summer in pics

Jul 02, 14 Wordless Wednesday – Week 1 of Summer in pics

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Birthday Party Double Header

May 30, 14 Birthday Party Double Header

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Yeah, you read that right. We had a Birthday Party Double header over the weekend. Just in case you don’t get it, I want to be clear. We didn’t have two birthday parties in one. We had two birthday parties in one day. One right after the other. Yep. My kids, as you know, have birthdays very close to each other. We had...

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Year in Review Kid Video

Jan 31, 14 Year in Review Kid Video

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This is me cheating on my #videoaday thang. But who cares really? You don’t, I know you don’t. I don’t. I’m cheating because I made this video LAST January. So I thought if I’m going to cheat a bit I would give you guys something in return. Do you want to know how easy it was to make that video? How...

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Wish I was here.

Oct 02, 13 Wish I was here.

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And I mean here on the blog. And also, HERE… Be back soon. xo vc

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Be pretty

Sep 18, 13 Be pretty

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I can be pretty sometimes. I’m not always in sweatpants sporting my signature ponytail. I don’t always have sunglasses on to hide a multitude of sins. Sometimes, I put on makeup. Sometimes I blow out my hair. Sometimes I even put on heels. And sometimes these things all come together. When I walk down the stairs my kids...

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