Back on the Vlog Bus – Small Changes

I have been absent from my blog and my Youtube channel for a while. But I’ve been on Facebook, which makes NO SENSE at all. Facebook doesn’t show my stuff to anyone (or anyone’s stuff to anyone for that matter) so I don’t know why I waste my time there.

I do love a good vlog and videos so I decided to start back there (And here. Because if I vlog I need to blog it. Get it? :-)

I’ve been in a funk lately. A slump. Something. Things need to change around here and quick. Usually my MO is to throw everything at it. I decided that was really working for me. Clearly. So small doable changes are what I need.

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I’ve been absent from my own blog for a while. Haven’t checked comments or even the spam folder. Not one word written, or sad little Wordless Wednesday posted. (Please note that it is Wednesday an I am not taking this opportunity to take the easy way out, thank you very much!)

It’s been almost three weeks since last we met. I was mad at Tim Ferris about my boobs. My anger has softened (just like my boobs ;-) We took a little break from #4HB. Getting back on the wagon soon.

It was yet another season of death around here, like last year. Our dear Uncle Gerry left us suddenly, our friends mom was gone after a long illness. My FIL had surgery on his completely blocked artery and we held our breath. We’ve had (are having) the stomach bug, again. So regular life, and death, has gotten in the way of me sitting down to tell you all about my life.

But I’m back. I might even write again today…

So how have you been??

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Could you be THE ONE?

Dear Successful Davis Square Internet Company,

I saw your ad on Craigslist and I responded. I haven’t heard back from you. I know it’s only been a week, but in today’s fast paced internet driven, texting, twittering society a few days is, well, an eternity.

The more time that passes as I wait for I response, the more I build you up in my head. You are anonymous. How do I find you? My imagination runs wild. I am thinking about what kind of company you are. Do you have a big office? Will you give me benefits? Maybe I’ll get to go to meetings and wear heels and talk to adults. It will be AWESOME. Are you THE ONE?

I know that we’re well suited for each other. I have skills. All of the things you say you need -I can do. And I can do them well. I am in a position to work from home. Nay, I need to work from home. Twenty hours – I have that. I’m smart, tenacious, funny. Well rounded, dammit.

And still, I haven’t heard from you. Was it something I said, didn’t say? My resume went back too many years didn’t it, you think I’m too old? You’re one of those hip young internet companies, aren’t you. Maybe you already found someone and you can’t bear to tell me because you too, fell hard.

Sigh. Maybe we are just meant to be star-crossed colleagues. Shame.

I am putting this out into the universe to handle now. I have spent too much of my free time wondering about you and what you’re doing. I need a job…

Farewell my friend (Call me!),

Waiting by the phone.

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Who me? A Boston Parent Blogger?

Apparently, yes.  With a quick trip out to the phenomenal new Barefoot Books store in Concord, and a name tag -it’s official.  I am a parent blogger, a momblogger if you will.  Or not. Who knows? I have absolutely no time to post so maybe I’m not.  This event happened over a month ago and I haven’t said boo about it.  And it was great, it really was.

Jodi Grundig and Christy Matte, the co-founders of Boston Parent Bloggers, have done an awesome job collecting the parent bloggers of Boston (New England it seems like really) and gathering us all together virtually and in real life.

I talked to many and gathered some business cards, but really I was just trying not to make a fool of myself.  I’m not entirely comfortable in networking situations.  I’m very shy.  Large crowds do me in.  I’m much more comfortable in small groups, but even then, if I don’t know anyone I’m not so confident.

But for some reason I was drawn to these people and this event.  Some of the people that would be there: Christine of Boston Mamas and Charlene of Charlene Chronicles I have met in person.  And of course the lovely blogger at Isis Parenting, Cindy.  So going in I knew a few people, but most of the others I only “knew” online.  My twitter buds.  It was so nice to be able to faces and names together and also to meet some new people.  You know, just to up my follower count.

They gave away an awesome goody bag filled with some pretty cool stuff.  I also won a couple of things and being new I didn’t realize that it’s not in good form to win more than one thing in these raffles.  Who knew?  I never win anything so I was excited! First I won these Robeez Reindeer bootieswhich technically I didn’t win because they had four pairs to give away and only two of us dropped in a ticket for them. So did I “win”?  Maybe not.  The second was an giant basket of cookies from Dancing Deer.  And if you think I was going to say “No, no. I already won something. Please give those cookies to someone else.”  You, are crazy.  COOKIES people!

I’m excited at the prospect of belonging to this community and what that might mean for personal as well as professional relationships. I am so happy that I stepped outside my comfort zone and out from behind my computer to go to this event.  I am so appreciative that I was included.

***So it turns out that karma is a funny girl because those super cute booties don’t fit my super chubby, now 7 month old.  So I’m going to give them away to someone just in time for Christmas.  Giveaway ends Saturday 12/18 at midnight. Just comment below or @reply me on twitter to enter.  Oh my goodness, a giveaway – So I guess I am a blogger after all.

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