Could you be THE ONE?

Dear Successful Davis Square Internet Company,

I saw your ad on Craigslist and I responded. I haven’t heard back from you. I know it’s only been a week, but in today’s fast paced internet driven, texting, twittering society a few days is, well, an eternity.

The more time that passes as I wait for I response, the more I build you up in my head. You are anonymous. How do I find you? My imagination runs wild. I am thinking about what kind of company you are. Do you have a big office? Will you give me benefits? Maybe I’ll get to go to meetings and wear heels and talk to adults. It will be AWESOME. Are you THE ONE?

I know that we’re well suited for each other. I have skills. All of the things you say you need -I can do. And I can do them well. I am in a position to work from home. Nay, I need to work from home. Twenty hours – I have that. I’m smart, tenacious, funny. Well rounded, dammit.

And still, I haven’t heard from you. Was it something I said, didn’t say? My resume went back too many years didn’t it, you think I’m too old? You’re one of those hip young internet companies, aren’t you. Maybe you already found someone and you can’t bear to tell me because you too, fell hard.

Sigh. Maybe we are just meant to be star-crossed colleagues. Shame.

I am putting this out into the universe to handle now. I have spent too much of my free time wondering about you and what you’re doing. I need a job…

Farewell my friend (Call me!),

Waiting by the phone.

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