I’ve been absent from my own blog for a while. Haven’t checked comments or even the spam folder. Not one word written, or sad little Wordless Wednesday posted. (Please note that it is Wednesday an I am not taking this opportunity to take the easy way out, thank you very much!)

It’s been almost three weeks since last we met. I was mad at Tim Ferris about my boobs. My anger has softened (just like my boobs ;-) We took a little break from #4HB. Getting back on the wagon soon.

It was yet another season of death around here, like last year. Our dear Uncle Gerry left us suddenly, our friends mom was gone after a long illness. My FIL had surgery on his completely blocked artery and we held our breath. We’ve had (are having) the stomach bug, again. So regular life, and death, has gotten in the way of me sitting down to tell you all about my life.

But I’m back. I might even write again today…

So how have you been??

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  1. Glad you are back! Missed you, but time away can always be a good thing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that… :)

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