Yarmouth Summer Celebration and a Red Jacket Giveaway



The Yarmouth Summer Celebration is about to start up in just a week or so!


This is the fifth year of the Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick-Off, and they’ll have all of your favorite events from years past plus some new ones for even more fun. They will start it off with a bang with a spectacular Fireworks display and a busy weekend commemorating the new playground opening in Yarmouthport on Saturday, and a jam-packed day of beach activities on our first #SundayFunday!

Here’s the event schedule online. I’ll give you a snippet below. It looks like tons of fun with a lot of stuff to do for kids and families!


Sounds like a ton of fun right?? Well, Red Jacket Resorts would like a very special family to have a front row seat at their place for the Yarmouth Summer Celebration Kick off events :-)  My family and I went to the Beach Resort in the Spring and just loved it. We can’t wait to experience it in all it’s glory – during a Cape Cod Summer!

We’ve had a long hard winter around these parts, haven’t we? Thinking about the beach, sand castles, the pool, nature walks, bbq, ice cream, s’mores, family, new friends, and most of all tired, dirty, happy kids. My favorite part about summer is just how happy they are to be running about on the beach with no cares except when there next sugar fox will be. Ahhhhhhhhh summer.

You can enter below. The winner will get to choose 2 nights accommodations at a Red Jacket Resorts on Cape Cod during the Yarmouth Summer Celebration, June 26th-July2nd, 2015. Accommodations available at Red Jacket Beach Resort, Blue Water Resort or Riviera Beach Resort.  Sweet!!

Get going…





This post (and my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a program by Red Jacket Resorts. I have been given a complimentary stay. 

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  1. Rachel Anderson /

    We love to do camp outs in our own backyard and trips the pool!

  2. marybeth crowley /

    Going to the beach is still the summer favorite in my house!

  3. Nancy T /

    Our family loves going to the beach and relaxing. Followed by steamers and ice cream for dessert

  4. steve s /

    Please pick me! The Resort looks awesome!

  5. bridget w /

    I love to go camping and heading to the beach in the summertime.

  6. Melissa Nemet /

    A week at the Cape going on Pirate boats, seal tours, and swimming

  7. Jennifer Ryan /

    Boogie boarding at Naragansett beach! Going away with our best friends! Yay summer!

  8. My family’s fave summer activity is baseball, baseball and MORE baseball!

  9. Natalie /

    The beach!! I won your last giveaway and truly love this place – I am trying again but only to help spread the word :o)

  10. Sherri /

    We love going up to the Lakes Region and roasting marshmallows

  11. Heidi /

    Going to the beach!

  12. Mbarbara /

    We love the sand, the water and biking.

  13. We are big fans of the daytrip mystery drive.

  14. Carissa /

    I love spending time with family at the beach in the summer!

  15. It looks marvelous!! I’m a single mom and my son would absolutely love this place.. Thanks for sharing.

  16. It's /


  17. Ida Mae /

    Our favorite activity… the beach!!

  18. Carrie B /

    Spending time on the beach!

  19. Steven /

    Beach with the kids

  20. There’s nothing better than a picnic dinner on the beach, watching the sunset and kids playing in the sand and surf!

  21. April P /

    We love relaxing days by the pool or beach, spending quality time together as a family!

  22. Sonal /

    Beach… here we come

  23. Sue F /

    Rockport, bar none, is our favorite day trip!

  24. Carly Hudson /

    We love going on day trips to local beaches or splash pads. My son loves the water (he’s autistic and it’s sooooo calming for him). Other than that he hasn’t been on any actual full vacations. But day trips are AWESOME!

  25. Sarah /

    We live for the beach in the summer!!!!! We’d live *on* it but that’s not allowed :-)

  26. Tiffany /

    My family loves biking around the neighborhoods all afternoon then cooling off in the ocean or the resort’s pools :)

  27. Patty Valvo /

    Pool, beach, horse racing!

  28. Courtney /

    Going to the beach and working, to have a great (fun) winter!

  29. beach

  30. Leah /

    There is nothing better than Cape Cod in the summer! The beaches, watching a Cape League baseball game, all the great restaurants, shops & resorts! Red Jacket Beach resort is a fun family favorite to many!!!

  31. Daja Lee /

    My family, and I don’t get to travel due to finances… However, we love swimming, bon fires, and camp outs.

  32. Dawn Jarvio /

    My favorite thing to do with my kids is the beach. Love renting a house or hotel and just sitting at the beach

  33. Rita C /

    We love swimming and the beach!

  34. Lisa deck /

    We love to go to the beach!!

  35. Jane /

    We love to go to the beach, dig in the sand, and take a dip in the ocean

  36. Kathleen Breault /

    we love The Blue Water Resort

  37. I love the beach!

  38. Going to the beach and eating (lots) of ice cream!

  39. claire crowley /

    Going to the beach and bringing a picnic lunch!

  40. Lisa F /

    Love to explore new places!

  41. beth c /

    Kite flying ,beach,mini golf,smores ;)

  42. Lauren haberern /


  43. Emily /

    Going to the beach!!

  44. heather y /

    Spending time with my kids at the beach and just enjoying unscheduled time together!

  45. Adam /

    Spending time with my family!

  46. Mary hasenfuss /

    Spending fun times at the beach… Riding bikes… Blowing bubbles .. Jumping in the pool

  47. Mary white /

    We always try to have a vacation that we really get away and unplug … We still watch tv and movies if the weather is bad but we want to relax and connect … We would love to do it by the beach this year

  48. Hilary /

    Going to the beach and being spontaneous!

  49. Going to the beach of course! :-)

  50. Ali Forsberg /

    Spending time at the beach

  51. Dawn /

    We love the beach and having no schedule every day!

  52. Tracey /

    I love going to the beach, the pool and making s’mores like its my job.

  53. My favorite summer vacation activity is to explore something new and try something new! Maybe it’s taking a class on something we want to get better at or trying a new recipe. It’s our time to explore!

  54. Kevin E /

    We love to go to the beach; swim in our pool; go to mueseums; go to amusement and waterparks

  55. D Schmidt /

    We love to go for long walks and appreciate nature.

  56. Nicole G. /

    We love to go to any local amusement parks and ride the roller coasters.

  57. Kathleen Albert /

    I would Love for my kids to experience a summertime at the cape!

  58. sherry /

    love the beach!

  59. The beach is great! We love to watch the boats!

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