I think you’re a VIP – Whole Food Detox Giveaway & Discount!

Do you feel not quite right? Do you have a nagging suspicion you could be eating better and living better? Do you think that kind of life is just for VIPs and celebrities?


I’m here to tell you it’s not. But if you don’t believe me I’m also here to tell you that I that YOU are a VIP!

To show you I’m giving away a 14 day Whole Food Detox from Team J+A. The value of the course is $247!

The 14-day Whole Food Detox, created by two holistic nutrition coaches, goes beyond generic programs and generic results.

Unlike other cleanses and detoxes, this program is designed to help you reach your goalsandsatisfy your taste buds.

With an emphasis on pleasure and nourishment rather than deprivation and restriction, this is a detox meant to permanently shift your experience.

I’ve done this detox. Twice! My mom has done this detox and it has completely changed her life. I love it and I believe in it. I may even do it again with you guys. I may or may not have indulged a bit too much on our awesome summer vacation ;-)

AND because I love you guys so much I also have a discount code for you! So if you don’t win you can use the code VIP when you check out here to get 15% off your Detox. The next detox starts on September 14th and registration closes on the 10th! So start thinking hard about how you want to change your life and how it could start with this!

Want to join me?

  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
  • Are you obsessed with calorie counting?
  • Consumed by food stress?
  • Moody?

Go on now start feeling good…

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  1. I really want to do it! Even if it scares me!

  2. Ida Mae /

    I am SURE it will be a lot of veggies!

  3. I’m imagining lots of veggies and some fruits? I just did a 3 day juice cleanse and would like to keep the momentum going, so this would be perfect!

  4. I probably wouldn’t have to change much, lots of fresh veggies?

  5. definitely need a kickstart and this might help!!

  6. Fruit and veggies!!

  7. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies!

  8. Lots of veggies and unprocessed things!

  9. I am hoping lots of fresh seafood and veggies! I want to enjoy the last few days of summer grilling in a healthy way1

  10. Jessica /

    I would love to do this!!!

  11. Dirt, sand, and grass :)

  12. angela cunningham /

    I think a lot of vegs.

  13. Shirley Y /

    hopefully lots of fish and veggies

  14. My guess is lots of foods I’ve never had before…

  15. veggies and fruits

  16. Danielle /

    I would imagine that you would eat a lot of green veggies and fresh fruit.

  17. Greens and more greens.

  18. Meghan Malicoat /

    Fresh fruit and veggies.

  19. Suzanne K /

    I’m thinking it is a lot of tasty veggies and some fruit!

  20. Mihaela Day /

    Fresh vegetables and fruits :)

  21. tracy davis /

    I would like to eat lots of vegetables!

  22. Lots of veggies and maybe some fruit.

  23. I would guess a lot of fruits and veggies?!

  24. iamalighthouse /

    Lots of greens!

  25. joe gersch /

    i think I will eat raw food

  26. Jennifer /

    I hope it’s a lot of delicious veg in creative new ways!

  27. So wanting to try this!

  28. danielle Marie /

    i am guessing lots of green veggies. i need to eat more green veggies.

  29. Denise S /

    I think I’d be eating lots of kale.

  30. I’ve always been terrified of trying a detox. But think I’m ready!

  31. Fruits, veggies and whole grains.

  32. MARIA simon /

    would love to attempt this

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