Diapers Be GONE- Potty Training Palooza

And poof! Just like that my baby became a big boy. No more diapers and into the big boy underwear!

I officially called it last week on Day 14. He was trained before that but you don’t want to get all crazy and call it too soon. Then, bad things will happen. And when it involves poop and pee you don’t want the bad things, do you? But today I will call it, publicly. He is wearing underpants day AND night! He is potty trained.

Around these parts we celebrate the end of  the potty training palooza with underwear cake. I am not kidding.

This time was a bit different because this big boy doesn’t like cake or cookies (I think it’s a peanut allergic thing) and he doesn’t eat ice cream. What’s a mom to do?


He loves marshmallows! For a couple of days they were his go to reward for poopin’ in the potty so that’s what I made it out of. For the seams I used some of that gum that comes on a roll. Super cute right?



There is an element of sadness to this moment as he’s my last baby. There will be no more babies in this house. I now have three big kids. They are moving fast into soccer games, homework, and not needing me to wipe their bums. And with that last bit, there’s also an element of this…

How does the potty training go in your house :-)

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  1. You SO have to go into the underwear cake business. That’s just brilliant!! I understand the sadness. My youngest is 9 and he’ll always be my baby. Congrats on no more diapers.

    • ViolaCay /

      Haha! There is a place for everyone on the web. Even underpants cakes I suppose. I was thinking more along the lines of a potty training ebook instead!
      I think that Sienna’s cake was the best one! So pretty. T’s wins in the ingredients originality category ;-)


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