He lived and he was loved.

Mar 19, 14 He lived and he was loved.

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I have some friends that haven’t known me for very long. I have some friends that have known me for what seems like forever. Everyone that knows me should know this one thing. I have a brother and 19 years ago today he died. But more importantly, he lived. He lived and he was loved. He was loved by me and so many more. He...

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Is there a Fairy in the House?

Feb 13, 14 Is there a Fairy in the House?

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Is there a Fairy in the House? “I’ve been loving Fairies kind of like for a long time. I made a Fairy House so the Fairies knowed I like them….I hope you have a very happy day!” Oh I will have a happy day. thank you little miss. My heart is bursting from the...

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Monday Vlog of Realizations

Feb 10, 14 Monday Vlog of Realizations

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Monday vlog where I realize I need to change my ways and that I probably should have gotten stitch in my finger.

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The ADHD Doldrums

Feb 05, 14 The ADHD Doldrums

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Today was a weird day and I’m feeling weird. This is longer than my normal vlog, sorry about that. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. I present a very special episode of Viola cay ;-) (Don’t those ones always win the Emmy’s?) The ADHD...

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Happy Holidays 2013

Dec 24, 13 Happy Holidays 2013

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I had SUCH a hard time thinking of something for the kids to do for our video Holiday card this year. I only honestly came up with something that seemed like an idea 2 days ago. I had the kids learn the song  and off we went yesterday to film it. It’s not my best work – they, however, are as cute as all get...

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Enjoy it

Dec 18, 13 Enjoy it

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That’s what the old woman in the grocery store always says right? “Enjoy it. It goes by so fast.” They always seem to say it when someone is hanging from a shelf or some such nonsense. They’re always doing some sort of kid thing that is exasperating us to no end and suddenly in swoops an octogenarian to tell...

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