Doughnut Seeds!

My daughter’s preschool teachers sent her home with doughnut seeds today.

DoughnutSeeds1 Hmmmmm – they look like they could turn into doughnuts.

DoughnutSeeds2She planted the seeds.

DoughnutSeeds3 She watered the seeds.

DoughnutSeeds4She said she would wait for them to grow. Asked how long it would take?
I couldn’t carry on with it anymore.
I told her that there was no such thing as a doughnut seed or a donut tree.
I explained about April Fools Day and it being a trick.

Then you could see it start to take hold and this happened…

We have sown a plan of our own and her teachers will get a tree branch with powdered doughnuts on it tomorrow.
And after that, a room full of 4 year olds with a sugar high.
Payback is a bitch.

UPDATE: Doughnut Tree pic :-)


Her teacher just about died from the giggles! Thanks Dawn & Colleen :-)


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