A visit with Santa

We went to see Santa at Magic Beans the other day. We love going there to see Santa.

Our first Christmas we went to the Mall and well, meh. The next year I took two kids while pregnant to Magic Beans and we haven’t looked back and we won’t go anywhere else to see Santa.

Yes, it’s in a toy store which is a little unnerving, but it’s fine. And Santa is just the best! He looks great, because let’s be honest, this matters. He’s just so nice too, the way he talks to the kids and parents alike.

This year was baby girls year, the rest of us just along for the ride! From the moment we walked in she was vibrating she was so excited.

She lit up when she first approached him. I don’t think I’ve seen a better picture of the pure joy that Santa brings to a child than this photo, have you? Awesome.

She looks the picture of patience as she waited for her baby brother to compose himself for a good shot.

Then she told him ALL ABOUT what she wanted.And then she held on tight before she said goodbye. How sweet is that?!

These great photos were taken by Naphtali Visser, who was also lovely, but really, he was competing with Santa here so…

However, I can’t thank him enough, theses images are just so special. You too my friends at Magic Beans, you too :-)


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  1. Really adorable stuff. It’ll be a fun one this year!

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