*Those* cravings

I have PMS. If talk of periods and PMS offends you, stop reading.

Ok, so who’s still here?  Let’s continue.

I get cravings for certain types of food while I have PMS and during my period. The usual suspects, anything salty or chocolate-y. These things aren’t really on the approved list of 4HB foods, are they?

Last night I wanted chocolate so bad. If I didn’t get some, heads were gonna roll. I gave in. Yes, that’s right I didn’t just write it down on my cheat day list. Are you kidding? Stop it.

This was urgent, serious, chocolate-y business. I have removed all sweets except for my kids cookies. So I had 3 Chocolate Joe Joe’s. For those of you that don’t know they are Trader Joe’s Oreos. And they are SO GOOD!

So now we can talk about it. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone in your time of the month cheats.While we are confessing, last month I ate at least a quarter of a bag of the M&M’s I was using for my daughter’s potty training. :-) Ahhhh, that felt good. Now you go.

What do you crave and how do you manage it? Do you give in or replace it with something else?

Also, is there a fucking 4HB candy bar? Because I would seriously pay BIG money for it right now.



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  1. If you can find a fucking 4HB candy bar, please let me know about it. Ok?

  2. Google black bean brownies. If you sub, say, almond flour for the flour in whatever recipe, then you should be in the clear by 4HB standards. Just don’t use too much sugar.

    Or, I guess you could wait till cheat day, but, as a woman, I am not going to get in the way of anyone’s PMS cravings! Sometimes you want it that day, not 6 days later

  3. It’s not exactly a candy bar, but Tim Ferris created an almond butter -n- cacao nibs bar on youbars.com. It’s 12 net carbs and 15 protein. If you do groupon they are on sale right now too.


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