Um, what’s that? 14.5% Body Fat?  Is that what she just said? Can you double check that?

She says it has a +/- 3.5% margin of error. Ok, so it could be 18 or it could be 11!
(She, is the personal trainer at our first appointment – my husband gave it to me as a present for my 40th. So you know I’m not making this shit up.)

Either way! Even if it’s 18% that’s still in the athlete type body fat percentage column. I haven’t been considered an athlete since I was a jayvee field hockey player. The next year I got cut from varsity if that tells you anything.

Holy hell!

This is where I tell all you 4-Hour Body people to measure your body fat percentage before you start. I didn’t. So I don’t know what the actual fat loss percentage is. But what I do know is that I have had 3 babies in 5 years and barely a stitch of exercise so there’s no way I started at 14.5%.

No possible way.

So I ask you…I have 5 more pounds I’d love to lose. Strange I know. But I don’t think lowering my body fat any more is healthy.

Should I continue the 4HB way of eating? Modify it and amp up the exercise?

What have you done when you’ve reached your goal weight or percentage?

Oh and big hugs Tim Ferriss. Mwah.

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