Curious George Curious About Me App Review

Sep 27, 14 Curious George Curious About Me App Review

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I have three kids (8,6,4) and my littlest is dying to read like the big kids! The Curious About Me app is a wonderful way to get the non readers and new readers like him to write their own story. And THEN the app reads the story back to them. It reads them the story they just wrote. Cool! Curious George and the man with the yellow...

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First bike ride! (also Glider Bikes RULE.)

Jun 10, 14 First bike ride! (also Glider Bikes RULE.)

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So this happened over the weekend!! WooooooHoooooooo! She had never tried to ride a bike until 10 minutes before this moment! I give all the credit to me (I have ninja bike riding teaching skills) and glider bikes. Glider bikes are bikes with no pedals and no training wheels. You just glide along on them. When my third baby was...

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New year, new camera.

Jan 05, 13 New year, new camera.

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I got a new camera!! I got a new camera!! A Canon EOS T4i. We had the very first rebel and loved it. I still had a tape (albeit HD) video camera. So, it was time. This new camera is ah-mazing. Expect much more video from me this year. Maybe I’ll even start vlogging ;-) This is a test shoot. It’ll only get better from...

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Fisher Price-apalooza

Oct 10, 12 Fisher Price-apalooza

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When the kids and I go to the Nana and the Papa’s houses consecutively, as we often do for conveneince, we call it NanaPapalooza. A couple of weeks ago I went to two Fisher Price events in a week! So… Fisher Price-apalooza! The first event was put on by Mommy Niri called Tots and technology. We all let the kids play...

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