New year, new camera.

Jan 05, 13 New year, new camera.

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I got a new camera!! I got a new camera!! A Canon EOS T4i. We had the very first rebel and loved it. I still had a tape (albeit HD) video camera. So, it was time. This new camera is ah-mazing. Expect much more video from me this year. Maybe I’ll even start vlogging ;-) This is a test shoot. It’ll only get better from...

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Fisher Price-apalooza

Oct 10, 12 Fisher Price-apalooza

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When the kids and I go to the Nana and the Papa’s houses consecutively, as we often do for conveneince, we call it NanaPapalooza. A couple of weeks ago I went to two Fisher Price events in a week! So… Fisher Price-apalooza! The first event was put on by Mommy Niri called Tots and technology. We all let the kids play...

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