First bike ride! (also Glider Bikes RULE.)

So this happened over the weekend!!


She had never tried to ride a bike until 10 minutes before this moment! I give all the credit to me (I have ninja bike riding teaching skills) and glider bikes.

Glider bikes are bikes with no pedals and no training wheels. You just glide along on them. When my third baby was born we brought home 2 gliders bikes as well as their baby brother! The kids got a new baby and new bikes.

This Strider Balance Bike is for the littlest of the littles maybe 2-3 years old. My youngest son has been riding it like crazy for two years. He just turned 4.


My daughter didn’t want any part of her glider bike until she was 5. She rode it all last year.
She tried a bike with training wheels but always came back to this glider. She seemed scared on the training wheels. But always seemed to be having fun on the glider.

When we took the bikes out this year I had her ride it for a few weeks watching her closely. I knew she had found her center and she’d be able to ride a two wheel pedal bike no problem. So off we went to the park. The story was almost identical to my older boy’s first bike ride story except he did it a year earlier.

I have no doubt that if I put my 4 year on a pedal bike he could ride it. I’ll keep you posted if I do. But he’s have so much fun on his new ‘big” glider (the one my daughter just moved out of) that I don’t want to take it away from him yet.

The “big” glider is a Glide Bikes Mini Glider. It’s just a bit bigger and has posts to rest your feet on, as well as a hand brake.

So if you want your kiddo to learn how to ride a bike super easy first time out have them start on a glider bike. We couldn’t love them more!

Glider Bikes Rule! And so do pedal bikes with no training wheels :-)

You can see all kinds of Glider Balance Bikes at Amazon! at Amazon!

Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links!

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