The non-sporty boy. He likes to dance!

The other day I read an article on HuffPost Parents about raising a boy that doesn’t play sports. I shared it on my Facebook page.

My husband is having a hard time with this. The non-sporty son.Me? Notsomuch. He might not ever make that layup, but…

Posted by ViolaCay on Tuesday, February 2, 2016


It resonated with many more people than I expected. It would appear that there are many non-sporty boys out there.

I guess I was sharing it as my own explanation for having a boy that doesn’t like sports. People normally ask what sports he’s doing instead of a general “what is he doing?”. I always launch into an explanation about how he tried all these different sports but never found his thing. Trying to explain. I see him struggle to answer it sometimes too. Although he is playing basketball right now, so at least he has that to offer. But let’s just say the college scouts are not making a bee line for the local YMCA’s courts. Um, no.

But I don’t want us to do that anymore. Why am I listing the things he has tried and doesn’t like? Why don’t I tell people that he draws, builds, and creates? He is loving his clarinet lessons. He’s going to take more acting classes. Fencing is something he’d like to try. They can ask him questions about all those things!

So in that spirit what he really loves, what he does, is dance.

I frequently tell people that there is nothing my boy works harder at or likes to do more than dance. Hip Hop dance to be precise. He is not a prodigy, but he’s really really good. And he loves it. So there you go.

The day I posted that FB status update we also went to his dance class and I took a little snippet of video…


Miss Twyla worked them really hard that day. He only learned those moves 15 minutes before I tried to stealthily record them through the glass door. In the car on the way home he said, “OMG that’s not a dance studio, that’s a murder room! I think I’m dying!!”.

He might have felt that way, but he’ll go back to that murder room. Week after week he will go. And love every minute of it. Because it’s what he does.




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