Are you the best mom?!


Hi, is this thing on? Just wanted to tell you my mom is the BESTEST.

Theo told me today. “Mom, you wanna know something?’

“Yes I do buddy, always.”

He lowers his voice a bit as if it might be a secret. “You’re the bestest mom.”

“Aw thanks honey. That’s an awful nice thing to say.”

Getting louder now. “No I mean it. Like better than all my friends mommies. SO much better.”

“Well I don’t know honey , we’re all good at different things. I bet Will thinks his mom is the best.”

“No, mom. YOU’RE the bestest. Even better than your friend’s that are mommies too. Like not my friends, your friends. THE BEST!”

At this point to argue is futile. I will just accept the title gracefully and say…

Suck it all you other muthas! I’m the BESTEST. ¬†Theo says so.

So there.


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