Stuck on You – Remove a sticker you put through the washer

No, no not THAT Stuck on You. Though I do love me some Lionel Richie.


Stickers are everywhere around here. On the walls, car windows, bedroom doors, my back when I’m not paying attention. Ugh. Everywhere.

It is inevitable that you, yes even you, will put one through the washing machine.

There has been a shirt sitting on top of the washing machine for months. It had a sticker on it and I washed it. Now there is just adhesive on it where the sticker used to be. I Googled it when it first happened to see how to get it off.

All kinds of advice came back that seemed messy or involved me buying something. Un-du, Goo be gone, Gobbledy gook, rubbing alcohol followed by detergent, mineral spirits and on and on. I put it down on the washing machine, perhaps hoping it would take care of itself. God knows I spent enough money on that machine that it should work by itself.

So I cleaned the laundry room the other day and there. it. was. Not fixed all by itself.

Now I have to actually do something about it or throw it out. I’m not throwing out a perfectly good (other than the mess on the front) shirt. So back downstairs to the internets I go. I look it up again and something catches my eye.

How did I not see it before? It’s practically in my DNA from my father – Duct Tape.

Of course, Duct Tape. Adhesive removes adhesive!

Just put some tape on the sticker residue, press firmly, and peel off. Seriously. That’s it.


No sticker shirt

If I were a better blogger there would be a before picture of the shirt. But I’m not, so there isn’t.

(sing it with me now)

Mighty glad you stayed :-)

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  1. Kristen /

    I just tired this on a sweater that had a huge size sticker stuck to it and it got about 90% of the adhesive off! Thanks for this tip!

  2. Single Best Pinterest Tip EVER!!! You are a genius.

  3. Leanne /

    As I was reading this… It was the same scenario with my sons shirt!! It’s been sitting on the was for months!!! I just did this… Took me about 2 min and it’s all gone!! Who knew

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