Santa at Magic Beans

For the past few years we’ve been going to Magic Beans to get our picture with Santa. The reason we keep going back is twofold.

1. Santa
He has a real beard and is super nice and welcoming. He asks questions and listens and doesn’t throw Mom and Dad under the bus with sure we’ll get you that RC ride on Hummer for Christmas. He’s awesome.


2. Magic Beans
I love Magic Beans and the people who run it. I consider them friends of mine. But even if they weren’t I would still go. They have got this visit with Santa thing down to a science. You reserve a time online at one of their stores. On the day of your visit, you check in with the girl with the iPad give her your cell number and she texts you when Santa is ready to visit. Easy Peasy.
The first couple of years were rocky, for some, as they ironed out the system to meet the demand. But this year we walked in, checked in, did a little browsing, sat on Santa’s lap, and were back home for dinner in no time.


This year I forgot my  *big* camera so these are my phone pics. But never fear because Magic Beans had someone there taking pictures; Sheri, the owner, because she’s that hands on. So hopefully she got a shot of the three of them that’s not blurry. No matter though.

Because these, these are pretty great.


Some tips for getting a great Santa picture: (#1 on my list and yours should be remember your camera ;-)

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From Parenting Tips for Surviving Santa 

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  1. Cute pictures! We had a tear free Santa visit at church on Sunday. Got the picture and we are done!

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