Please and thank you, Hopscout

At the beginning of the week I received a Facebook message from a friend. She was asking me some video advice for a contest she was entering. I gave her a few bits o’ wisdom and then went to check out the contest. I wrote her again and said “Um, would you be wicked pissed if I entered too?’ Gulp. I entered the Stay at Home Millionaire contest.

Hopscout is looking for 5 Editors for their new site. A very cool site that “sells one awesome product every day, something our inner child (and your actual child) just can’t live without – something that stands out in the vast sea of so-so products. We photograph it, record it, describe it and generally have a blast showing you how cool it really is.”

If you see the job description you’ll know why I wanted to apply – a dream job really. Everything I am capable of and love to do AND stay at home with my 3 littles. I think I actually rubbed my eyes when I was reading it like a cartoon. Here’s the catch: I had to make a video ASAP as to why I was the best choice.

This is the plea…
[iframe: src=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]

Then I had to get as many people as I could to vote for me.  That would actually prove to be more difficult than making the video. But I think I did pretty well. I’m a pretty resourceful gal. I’m on Twitter and Facebook with respectable followings. Oh and fantastic supportive friends and family who did a Facebook sharing dance of fools for me!!

I was not in love with my original video so I decided to make another one. An actual review to show people I could actually DO THE JOB!

This is the proof…
[iframe: src=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]

According to this post by one of the founders of Hopscout today the votes are not the end all be all in the decision making. Phew! Because I think people are starting to grow a bit weary of me. “Equally important will be the quality of the videos, creativity, as well as fair play throughout the campaign.” I love that.

So please Hopscout I would love this job. Please friends and fans and loved ones and people who have stumbled here because they want a 4-Hour Body – I wouldn’t mind if you visited Hopscout’s Facebook page to vote for me as their new editor!

Thanks to Hopscout for the opportunity! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for voting for me and just for your amazing support.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. I voted for you! Care to return the favor?

  2. You rock. Honestly.

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