Happy Monday! Moustaches and More

Happy Monday! Moustaches and More.

I shot this super quick this morning and then did nothing with it until now. It’s been a day.

I thought I’d talk to you about my moustache and my favorite product to get rid of said moustache. I love me some Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

And then I ramble for a bit. Then I demand you subscribe. Good stuff here y’all.

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Missing Disney – Showing My #Disneyside

To be perfectly honest I don’t really know what #Disneyside means. I think it means, no never mind I have no idea, maybe a little. ??

I’m just going to go with what I think it is…So to me, showing my DisneySide means donning my sequined Minnie Mouse ears and talking about what a craptastic trip we had to Disney last year. Which is also not entirely true. Some of it was awesome. Some not so much I have talked at length about how we need a redo. But for now I just kind of wish we were going again this year. Sad face.

Here are all my Disney posts in one place

Enjoy the ears…

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The End of Detox – Whole Food Living

My 14 day Whole Food Detox ended on Sunday. I had a latte, drank some wine, and ate some chips and salsa! It was lovely.

I had a day or two off, but now it seems I’m back to eating most of the same foods I had been eating for the past two weeks on the detox. I had quinoa with cilantro, lime and avocado for dinner because I can’t get enough of it.

My very basic takeaways from the past two weeks are eat whole foods, be kind to you body, and don’t eat crap. Pretty simple really. And now I think it’s going to become a very big part of the way we eat and live.

Here’s the vlog…

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What the Heck Are You Eating – Detox Edition

Feeling Good. Again. I hope it lasts. Things are looking up. Phase 2 is OVAH (if you’re not from Boston that’s OVER).

Vlog #8!! Today I’m answering the question”What the heck are you eating?” You know. And now you will.


Off you go…



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Deep cleanse, and um, nothing got done

These few days are the deepest part of the Whole Food Detox. It is the most restrictive and perhaps that why I don’t feel so well today. Just kind of BLERGH.

I had big plans for the week which didn’t work out so well for me today. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I also discovered that I say um, A LOT.

And now I need to go to sleep.

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I don’t want to be vapid, but do I look good?

Hahahaha! Seriously I said that on video. OK maybe not that. The two utterances were spaced out a bit. But that only underlined their ridiculousness. Then to pile on to the ridiculousness I titled the video that. I should get lots of lovely comments about how lovely I am. (sarcasm emoticon)

So today I talk about my piss poor timing for my video adventure, my headache (still), massaging kale, bon bons, what the heck do I talk about, and oh, ‘am I pretty’?

There should be a cute vide here. If not, refresh and like magic it will appear!

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