Friday Phone Fun on Monday. Can we snuggle now?

Can we snuggle now?

Oh my god how much do I love this kid?

Every morning he comes in for snuggles. Please don’t let it stop any time soon!

Here’s an example of a short clip that came from my phone. I know you have them on yours too!

Let’s share!

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Friday Phone Fun

OR get your mothereffing videos off your gad damn phone already ;-)

Not quite as catchy right? Can’t find a short hashtag or that one.

I’m going with



You all take tons of photos and videos with your phone and then they all just sit there? Right?

Let’s do something with them! Even if you just post one clip. JUST ONE. Put it up and let us see it. Put it on Youtube. Don’t have a channel? Get one. Put it on Facebook. Don’t want to? Send it to me! I’ll post it for you here :-) I don’t care. Get it OFF your phone.

They are only little once… BLA BLA BLA.


Don’t just banish all those cute videos to iMovie archives. Let us see them!

This little movie took me all of 20 minutes to make. I loved doing it! The kids have already watched it a bunch. If only the kids and the Nanas watch I have succeeded at LIFE right here on a Friday afternoon.

But you could cut that time down to 2 minutes with no or minimal editing. All of your social media channels take video. What are you waiting for?


Link it here in the comments.
I’ll set up a post on Facebook for you to link it there.Tag me on Facebook so I can see it. (Like me here ) Use the hashtag #FridayPhoneFun.
I’ll put them in Playlist on Youtube! Tag it in the title or youtube tag as FridayPhoneFun and it will go right to a playlist on my channel (Subscribe :-)

Tweet it! Use the hashtag, you guessed it #FridayPhoneFun. (I’m on Twitter here.)


Do it before you have to delete it to make room for more cute that you’ll eventually delete or leave to die on a hard drive somewhere. Think nobody wants to see it? I do. You do. The grandparents do. The kids do.

Show me what you got!



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I’m a Dance Mom! This is NOT a Dress Rehearsal.

I complain a lot about the trip to the dance studio twice a week. It’s not so far, maybe 15 minutes, but it’s all backroads and trafficky. Parking is sometimes a nightmare. The kids that aren’t dancing always want snacks and screens and it’s takes quite a bit of my patience out of me.

But then there’s this…

and this

and this

And of course there is how much they love it.

They really do. My guy doesn’t look forward to anything as much or work harder at anything other than hip hop. Maybe drama. Or legos. Or making up games that nobody else wants to play because the rules are too complictaed and always changing. Other than those, nothing else makes him happier than Miss Twyla’s dance class.

My daughter just comes alive when she’s in her class. It’s like she suddenly realizes she has a beautiful body and takes delight in all the wonderful ways it moves. From an elegant arabesque to a booty shaking shimmy. She loves it. I watch her just smile and move.

They are happy, moving their bodies, and learning. And I get in a good cry at the recital because my heart is BURSTING with pride and love and ALL THE FEELS. It’s a win all around. I need to stop complaining already :-)

It makes them like this for goodness sake…




The boy doesn’t look as happy in this photo as I describe because he has undiagnosed strep in this pic. He felt awful, but still danced. Because, well, he rocks!

Are you a dance mom? Do you love it or tolerate it?

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First bike ride! (also Glider Bikes RULE.)

So this happened over the weekend!!


She had never tried to ride a bike until 10 minutes before this moment! I give all the credit to me (I have ninja bike riding teaching skills) and glider bikes.

Glider bikes are bikes with no pedals and no training wheels. You just glide along on them. When my third baby was born we brought home 2 gliders bikes as well as their baby brother! The kids got a new baby and new bikes.

This Strider Balance Bike is for the littlest of the littles maybe 2-3 years old. My youngest son has been riding it like crazy for two years. He just turned 4.


My daughter didn’t want any part of her glider bike until she was 5. She rode it all last year.
She tried a bike with training wheels but always came back to this glider. She seemed scared on the training wheels. But always seemed to be having fun on the glider.

When we took the bikes out this year I had her ride it for a few weeks watching her closely. I knew she had found her center and she’d be able to ride a two wheel pedal bike no problem. So off we went to the park. The story was almost identical to my older boy’s first bike ride story except he did it a year earlier.

I have no doubt that if I put my 4 year on a pedal bike he could ride it. I’ll keep you posted if I do. But he’s have so much fun on his new ‘big” glider (the one my daughter just moved out of) that I don’t want to take it away from him yet.

The “big” glider is a Glide Bikes Mini Glider. It’s just a bit bigger and has posts to rest your feet on, as well as a hand brake.

So if you want your kiddo to learn how to ride a bike super easy first time out have them start on a glider bike. We couldn’t love them more!

Glider Bikes Rule! And so do pedal bikes with no training wheels :-)

You can see all kinds of Glider Balance Bikes at Amazon! at Amazon!

Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links!

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Why we are a CSA kinda family.

We missed the signup for the CSA last year and we were pretty bummed. So when the email came in…I was ON IT! Basically I bought all of our vegetables that we’ll be eating this summer in January. Bizarro, right?

I had my doubts about a CSA at first. It felt slighty elitist is a strange way. Well, not so strange because it’s not cheap. Also, our CSA is located in a very wealthy town. “Going off to Weston to pick up our expensive organic vegetables that someone picked just for us dahling. Ta ta!” is how it felt, at first.

Then the vegetables came in to the house and it was overwhelming. Some I’d never heard of. Others I was sure I didn’t like. I had to wash it all. I had to put it away and organize it so it wouldn’t go to waste. It took some doing.

But then some weird things started happening. My daughter started to ask “When are we going to the farm, mama?” My oldest son would ask “What week will the ‘zipper peas’ be ready to pick?”.  My youngest son, who was always napping the first year would whine “Why don’t IIIIIIIIIIIIII get to go the faaaaaaaaarm?”

They wanted to go. They wanted to pick. They want to play in the fields. They wanted to talk about the farm and the vegetables and the flowers and the animals. So much of what our kids learn doesn’t come from a lesson at school, but experiences outside the classroom. Shared experiences with siblings about weird vegetables and honey bees. Lessons from mom about how she learned to pick cucumbers from Papa when she was little.


My Dad was an organic farmer way before Whole Foods was around. We would eat the beans right off the plant when were kids. That garden was our playground. It wasn’t huge mind you, but the yield was enough for all of us and some of the neighbors. I can’t recreate that in the postage stamp of a yard I have now, but I can take them to a farm every week.

Then, more weird things. All those vegetables that at first I was like “Aw, hell no!” Well now they have a place at our table all summer. I figured it out! The farm helps with tastings at pick up. Those tasting helped the kids to like both cabbage and radishes.

Here’s the thing about a CSA to all those who would say “you can just by those vegetables at the grocery store you know.” Yes, I know.

But I wouldn’t. I really wouldn’t. And neither would you if you’re honest. Would you really walk in to the grocery store and say “Hey – I think I’ll buy some Tatsoi today.” No, no you wouldn’t.

Also I did the math, it works out to be about the same as buying it at the market. But you get so. much. more. Because of my experiences with the Four Hour Body and a Whole Food Detox, we have been trying to eat a more whole food diet in our house. And then there’s pesticides, and Monsanto, and being able to eat LOCAL. A CSA just makes sense, for us.

Now we have not one, but two, spaces planted in our tiny yard. One for vegetables and one for flowers. We may not get anything to put on the table out of them, but the kids couldn’t be happier tending to them. My son won’t eat chicken nuggets, but he will eat cole slaw. So there’s that too.

My youngest finally gets to go the the faaaaaaaaaarm this year. I can’t wait to see what his siblings show him and what he discovers there!


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Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Vlog 18 – What do you want to talk about?

Who am I?

Why am I talking to the camera?

Why am I talking to you?


Watch and see if I can actually answer any of these things…

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