Love to the Teachers

On Friday afternoon before I picked up N at school, I sent an email off to his teachers. His current 1st grade teacher and his Kindergarten teacher from last year.

I was feeling overwhelmed by the news of the shooting in Newtown and just profoundly sad. Also, thankful. I am thankful for the teachers my child has had so far. We moved to this town for the schools and I have not been disappointed.

It read:

Vanessa & David (and all teachers)

So you know it will take everything in my power not to jump out of my van and hug the two of you. A huge squeezy hug with lots of tears and thanks for being who you are. I don’t want to scare the kids with my crazy.

I am so sad that part of your job is keeping my baby safe, and yourselves for that matter. I just want to let you know that I appreciate you so much. Your job just got harder and for that I am sorry.

Peace and love,


It’s not much and I could never appropriately convey my thanks or sadness on that day, but I tried.

David came bounding down the hill at pickup saying “Don’t worry, I’ll come to you!” and we hugged :-). Vanessa was away on Friday and just wrote to me that she wants so badly to see her kindergarteners. They are wonderful people as well as teachers.

So tomorrow, if you would… leave a note, send an email, give a hug. Just give thanks and a little bit of love to your teachers and administrators. They’re going to have a difficult day.



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First day of school

Someone was pretty excited for her first day of preschool. Love her.


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Thank you Ms. McMahon

Our public schools have a no gift policy for teachers. We can give a class gift. One big gift that everyone pitches in for, but individual families can not give teacher a gift.

I get it, but it kinda makes me mad.

My son’s Kindergarten teacher is awesome. Really. He has grown by leaps and bounds in the past four months. I am so impressed with her and the curriculum. I couldn’t be happier. Also, my guy was having some problems with the transition. Let’s just say he had a hard time keeping his enthusiasm in check ;-)  Ms. McMahon and I worked hard to figure out ways to reign him in. N worked really hard too and he’s doing so well.

So now it’s the Holidays and I want to do something special for her. I emailed our room parent and she told me there was no class gift in the works, so that meant we had to make something. I thought that maybe it would be nice to bring in lunch for the three Kindy teachers one day. I got a recipe for an awesome tortellini sausage soup. Nope that won’t work. I knew it, she’s a vegetarian. Vegetable soup is not something I’ve ever been able to make well. Cookies? How many cookies can one teacher eat?

As I was wondering, the kids and I were also talking about ideas for our annual Holiday Video Card. Nate said why don’t we make a video for Ms. McMahon? Of course, N. Of course!

He is so smart and sweet and funny. He helped with all the ideas, learned his lines, and away we went. He had so much fun. The part with the words he knows – he picked those first two (which I thought were very appropriate for him -Restless and Responsible ;-) and then he was searching for another one, as if to impress her. It was adorable.

Enjoy! She did :-)))

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For the love of books.

Yesterday my child said to me “I hate books.” Um, what? What did you just say? For the love of, hrmpf

Challenge accepted my young squire.  You know where he was the next day…THE LIBRARY.  That’s right, I will bury you in books.

It was a gorgeous fall day so we walked there and looked at books, picked our favorites read them aloud.

A 3rd grader started reading to my 3 yo, organically. They just sat together and started to read fairy books. The big girl telling my little one which books she liked the best. Bunny held her book the whole way home.

A big boy pointed out some rather cheeky Captain Underpants books to the 5yo and well, it appears he may LOVE books now. He walked and read his book the whole way home :-)



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