Just Smile

Feb 26, 13 Just Smile

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I’m having kind of a bad day. Started out with a fight with my husband. My work time flew by without me feeling like much was accomplished. The house is a mess. I’m not just being dramatic – it’s a mess. Three pick ups in a row. The big boy is home for the afternoon and is VERY needy. I have PMS. My husband...

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February Photo a Day Challenge. Today’s prompt is Button. This is the most important button in our house. It controls Mommy’s Little Helper. If it breaks, God help you all. And by you all I mean my husband who will be forced that very second to go out and buy a new one! #FEBphotoaday Day 7...

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Where are you Spring?

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Crocs Tone – the love affair continues

Nov 09, 10 Crocs Tone – the love affair continues

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I have been wearing the brand new Crocs Tone shoes for a week now. Let’s get a couple of things out of the way before I tell you about them.  Crocs gave me these shoes to try for a week.  I assume they don’t want them back, so yeah, they *gave them to me* gave them to me.  I have a documented love of Crocs.  However,...

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Wordless Wednesday – 6 months!

I’ve been doing a lot of Wordless Wednesdays and not a lot of posting lately. I’ll fix that. I have a couple of personal posts and a couple of rants and raves all jumbled up in my...

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