Just Smile

I’m having kind of a bad day.

Started out with a fight with my husband. My work time flew by without me feeling like much was accomplished.

The house is a mess. I’m not just being dramatic – it’s a mess.

Three pick ups in a row.

The big boy is home for the afternoon and is VERY needy.

I have PMS.

My husband has been working A LOT which is good but I’m tired. And so is he, hence the fight.


I was making lunch for three children who all wanted different things and then complained when they received it.

I was pretty done. I lifted up the colander and see this.

Countertop Smile


It’s like a miracle stain :-)

My countertop was trying to tell me something. I kind of wanted to tell it to fuck off. But …it’s a countertop.

So I just listened to it. Maybe I should just smile and see how that makes me feel.

How’s your day?

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February Photo a Day Challenge. Today’s prompt is Button.

This is the most important button in our house. It controls Mommy’s Little Helper.

If it breaks, God help you all. And by you all I mean my husband who will be forced that very second to go out and buy a new one!

#FEBphotoaday Day 7 Button

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Where are you Spring?

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Crocs Tone – the love affair continues

I have been wearing the brand new Crocs Tone shoes for a week now.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way before I tell you about them.  Crocs gave me these shoes to try for a week.  I assume they don’t want them back, so yeah, they *gave them to me* gave them to me.  I have a documented love of Crocs.  However, I was willing to wear these with a critical, and truthfully, a skeptical foot.

So I opened the package that Crocs sent me, pulled out the shoes and thought – “Oh no.” Crocs Tone I guess I thought they would be cuter.  I know, I don’t know why I thought they would be cuter.  I don’t wear Crocs for the cute factor.  However I thought since some other toning shoes have been criticized for their less than appealing look.  To the point that they make fun of each other in commercials.  I thought, Crocs might go cute with these.  Well the ones they didn’t send me ARE cute – check it.  So they have that going for them.
me and T in Crocs Tone

I put them on and thought “Whoa. These are weird.”

Then I wore them for a week…

From the Crocs website:

crocs tone™ delivers the benefits of toning with the comfort of crocs. The innovation lies in the three-part patent-pending crocs tone™ sole:

  • Sculpted outsole creates a rocker-effect while you walk that initiates key muscle activity to provide toning benefits.
  • Toning ring provides stability and support.
  • Comfortable, lightweight croslite™ footbed provides all-day comfort.

These Crocs are far and away the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn. Truly.  It took me about five minutes to get used to the weird back and forth side to side feeling.  I wore them on long walks with my kids, to preschool pick up, to the grocery store. Everywhere.

The one and only problem I had with them was the strap.  I HAD to use them as clogs.  With the strap behind my heel my toes became jammed up against the front of the shoe. NOT comfortable.  I am a true size 7 which is what they sent me.  My foot fits right in, but the strap almost makes them a 6.5.  Perhaps they wanted to make the strap tighter because you may walk faster in them?  I don’t know.  Keep the straps front and you’re good to go!

Now to the toning part. I haven’t researched the science behind the claims of all of these types of shoes.  Who has?  All I can say is that I understood after the first few minutes of wearing them how it’s supposed to work.  Only time will tell I suppose.  My husband told me my butt looked better, but I think he wants something ;-)

I’ll let you know if I get any toning effects down the road.  For now, and without any toning per se, I’m raving!

Header image courtesy of Crocs.
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Wordless Wednesday – 6 months!


I’ve been doing a lot of Wordless Wednesdays and not a lot of posting lately. I’ll fix that. I have a couple of personal posts and a couple of rants and raves all jumbled up in my head…

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