Olaf the Pumpkin Snowman!

I am sure there are a 100 posts about this on Pinterest. But I’m not even going to check. I’m just going to post this for you here because I think it’s so stinkin’ cute.

Olaf from Disney’s Frozen made out of pumpkins for Halloween!

I will NEVER do this this but I hope some of you crafty mamas out there do! I can’t take credit for this. Some crafty person at the Red Fox Bar & Grille in NH made this. We saw it when we visited this weekend. I had to share.


What you’ll need:

3 pumpkins
white paint
black paint of black marker
black felt
orange felt

Go! Make it please? And then show me on Facebook! I’d LOVE to see it.


Craft on mamas, craft on.

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Birthday Season


Yep, we have a birthday season here. My kids were all born within three weeks of each other.

Over four years people, not all at once. They are two years apart.

This year we will have a newly minted 8 year old, then a 4 year old, then a 6 year old. So you all know, she is miffed that her birthday is ALWAYS LAST. Oy. I can’t fix that. I just can’t sweet pea.

This year we’re having all at home birthday parties, of the no muss no fuss variety. We may decorate cupcakes or something, but that’s it.

Last year we had a 3fer at one of those jumpy places. They all said this year they want their own parties. That’s all well and good but they have to be at home I said. There have been some efforts at renegotiating that, but otherwise they are fine with it. They’re FINE.

Yesterday marked the beginning of birthday week for my oldest. A trip to the Lego store and out to dinner. Today is his actual birthday – there will be cake. He will also get presents from his siblings. We got him a new desk and organizing bins for his room from IKEA (which means I have to finish this post and get to puttin’ together a whole bunch of boxes that are sitting in the middle of his room. ACK!)

He’ll get to yell at everyone all week that it’s his birthday week (That’s a present right?!)

Then on Friday night a few friends are coming over for dinner and a movie and cake. (And by that I mean- Holy Hell there will be 8 8 year old boys in my tiny house!!)

The very next day is the next birthday, and a family party for all of them.
It’a season people, a full blown birthday SEASON :-)

And we love it.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


This kid is smart, funny, creative, stubborn, mischievous, kind, playful, intense, and EIGHT. Yep today the baby that made me a mom for the first time has a birthday. I love every bit of you!

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Happy Holidays 2013

I had SUCH a hard time thinking of something for the kids to do for our video Holiday card this year. I only honestly came up with something that seemed like an idea 2 days ago. I had the kids learn the song  and off we went yesterday to film it.

It’s not my best work – they, however, are as cute as all get out…

Then my husband said you know what would be funny if you just did all the outtakes. Um yeah where were you with your ideas a month ago. We are t- 8 hours here!! So I did it anyway, because I’m crazy like that. It’s hysterical.

So if you’ve ever wonder what it takes to get three kids to come together, look cut, and sing a holiday dsong with a camera in their face. Here ya go…

We here at ViolaCay hope you have a wonderful Holiday season filled with laughs and love, family and feasts, peace and prosperity.

See you in 2014!

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Video Holiday Cards

We don’t send out Holiday Cards per se. We create video cards and have for the past 7 years. The kids love it. I love it. Husband loves it because he’s not involved at all in the filming (he has no patience for such shenanigans). Our friends and family love it.

SO MUCH LOVE. And no good ideas this year. None.

Video Cards

Every year I try to make it bigger and better, or just better. Last year I think we slipped a little, peaking in 2011. So I’d like to get back on track.

However, I’m stumped. I asked the kids. Nate said something about Minecraft. Sienna mentioned princesses or cats in a dollhouse or I don’t even know! And Theo thought we should all take a race. So um, yeah they’re pretty useless at this brainstorming thing.


Want to see them all? Here are the last seven years if you like to take a look. Please, the compression is bad on some I couldn’t find the original files, so settle down.

Ok, now go…

Who’s got ideas?? Hit me with ’em!

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The Nutcracker

Last year we went to The Nutcracker as guests of the Boston Ballet. It was wonderful and magical. I gave you five reasons why I thought you should go.


Photo Credit: Gene Schiavone

Photo Credit: Gene Schiavone

This year some other bloggers were treated to the same lovely experience. And this year I give you one reason to go – I give you Miss C.


A little video should be here. Please click refresh and like magic it will appear.
If you and your family can get to the Nutcracker this year I highly recommend it.

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All aboard the Train to Christmas Town!

The Train To Christmas Town

We’re so excited to board the train soon!

The Train to Christmas Town is coming visit Cape Cod Central Railroad.

Cookies, cocoa, and carols on the train. What’s better than that?

This holiday season, fall in love with the heartwarming tale of Janice, a little girl who looks forward to riding the Train to Christmas Town every year with her brother and Grandmother. This year is a little different though, as readers of the story already know. Accompanied by a bag full of surprises, woodland friends and jolly elves, Janice relives happy memories as she rides the train to Christmas Town once again.

The conductor will welcome you aboard and punch your ticket as you find your seat in warm, decorated cars. Meet Bumblebee the Polar Bear, Wabash the Squirrel, even Zephyr the depot cat and laugh along with Elves while they’re busy serving cookies and cocoa, and leading guests in singing Christmas carols. Upon arrival at Christmas Town, Santa climbs on board and walks through the cars greeting each child with holiday cheer and his signature “Ho, Ho, Ho”!


The Train departs from the Cape Cod Central Railroad Buzzard’s Bay Depot 70 Main St. Bourne, MA. It’s running on Nov 22-24, 29-30 & Dec 1, 6-8, 13-15, 18-23, 27-29 at 3:30pm, 5:30pm 7:30pm.

Please visit https://www.traintochristmastown.com/massachussetts/index.html or call 1-888-978-5562 to climb aboard.


We’ve never been so I’ll be back to tell you ALL about it!

Toot Toot!

This post (and my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a program by 

USFamilyGuide.com. I have been given a free passes to board the train for this post. Image used with permission.

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