Girls, girls, girls!

I just came back from a girl’s weekend.

I have not been on a trip since my honeymoon. I have not been away from my kids for more than 36 hours. The littlest for not more than 2 hours. As I got up at 4:30 on Thursday morning I could not believe I was leaving them. Leaving at all. I felt…conflicted. Yet, I went (wheeeeeeeeeee! I mean, I’ll miss them all so much ;-).

I went because the girls I went with, these women- I love them. Truly, madly, deeply kind of love. Since like, 4th grade. We all turn 40 this year. We’ve been planning this trip for roughly 4 years. We were all a little bit giddy as we gathered at the airport. Four days and three nights of no kids, no husbands, and nothing to do.

It was relaxing and energizing at the same time. I sat on the beach, and went for walks on it. I went off my diet, and then back on it. We drank and danced (and got shot in the head with helium – we STILL don’t get this). We stayed up late and slept late. I planned on reading a book, like a novel, not a parenting book. I never did. Too much talking, and listening and laughing. Oh the laughing.

The only aberration to this blissful weekend is that ALL of my friends are marathon runners so they went on like a 10 mile run or something ridiculous – I slept and then drank coffee and watched the royal wedding recap. They all look amazing so I can’t really fault them for wanting to keep up their rockin’ bods :-)

There will be no pictures or stories from this event beyond the discreet details I am now telling you. My IRL friends do not read blogs, some aren’t even on Facebook (gasp) I will respect their desire not to be splattered all over my blog. But GAWD I wish I had a picture of that helium weirdness. We are SO old.


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Gratitude and Inspiration

I am so thankful for all the kind words and thoughts I received over the weekend regarding the death of my brother. Even though it was so long ago, it made a difficult weekend a bit easier. Knowing the love others had for him, and have for me, was such a gift.

I am especially thankful to my friend Lynnette. She reminded me of a story I told in one of our Masters degree classes about my brother. I found that story in my notes up in the attic and I will make it into a book for my children. A book about their Uncle Danny. I can’t wait to get started.

Lots of people and things inspire me. Words, pictures, films, gestures, nature, my children…  I am so tickled that I have become an inspiration to others. Little ole’ me!

Mamas from all parts of my life, a childhood friend, a high school cheer leading teammate, a college friend, and a new online friend I’ve haven’t even met yet. And there are countless others that follow me on twitter. We are a mutual admiration society of people giving each other virtual high fives.

It all has to do with the 4 Hour Body and the success I’ve had on it.

So just thanks everyone. It was an interesting weekend. Much love. Thanks.

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