Three’s a workout!

Sometimes I consider running after my three enough of a workout that i don’t need to do antything else. My flabby stomach however, screams otherwise.

But this guy, he’s got three the same age and works them into his workout.

I watched this whole thing with a smile on my face giggling away. Seriously, my cheeks hurt a little from smiling. So cute. His pecks and abs aren’t difficult to look at either ;-)

Crossfit Training with Triplets. Who knew?

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Tim Ferriss – I want my boobs back.

I have been using the The 4-Hour Body way of eating for 8 weeks now and my body fat has gone down to an amazing 14.5%.  My husband and I have lost over 30 lbs and many inches. The fat loss is staggering really. I have also been using the workout recommendations from the book. I enjoy it so much that I expound on its benefits to anyone that will listen and have inspired others to take up this new way of eating.  Even wrote a little ditty for newbies to help them out.

I have expanded my horizons food wise. I have never eaten and loved so many beans in my life (yummy Taco Salad I’m looking at you). I have new recipes that I will continue to use after this experiment is finished. Love the new food I’ve discovered.

I have started running. I am amazed how much easier and enjoyable running is when I don’t have 20 extra pounds to bring along with me.

I have more energy to keep up with my kids. Three kids under five require quite a bit of it!

So all in all, I’m stoked about the whole thing. But last night I got kinda pissed at Tim Ferris and his stupid #4hb.

Nowhere in the book did it mention one particular side effect and I am wondering why. WHY? Before bed I was checking out my new look in the mirror. Maybe it’s my own fault, I have been focused on my backside quite a bit. With the whole perfect posterior exercises how could I not be? And it does look good! But how could I have missed this? It’s right there in front of me!

It is clear Tim has an affinity for women, the way we look and, um, pleasing us. How could he not tell us!

So there I am standing in front of the mirror wondering why he didn’t mention with all that fat loss that some of it might come from my BREASTS! My boobs are a shell of their former selves Tim Ferris, and I blame you.

So I don’t want my money back Tim, I just want my boobs back. Buyer beware.


And no, you pervs, I am not posting any other pictures.

Disclosure: Amazon Affiliate Link above.

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Carry your weight in your phone

I blur the numbers so you don’t focus on MY numbers. Focus on your own ;-)

I am carrying my weight in my phone now and NOT my hips :-)

Thanks to the Measurement Tracker.

I downloaded this little app the other day to keep track of my measurements and stats as I continue on this 4-Hour Body journey.

All you have to do is pick the date and input the stat. Do it a few more times. Press graph and there you have it. Visual affirmation of your downward progress! You can even back date, so you can take your initial scribbles and get them in here. The geek in me loves being able to see it on a graph with the swipe of a couple of buttons. I wish that the list function went from oldest to newest, because that’s how my brain works (but that’s just me, and what updates are for ;-)

I’m handing out some promo codes that Zach at They Used a Pencil kindly gave to me so you can get started tracking your stats. Just leave a comment here or like The Life of Reilly on Facebook and you’re name will be thrown into the virtual hat. That’s all.

Disclosure: They Used a Pencil gave me a promo code as well to try it out. Just so you know. I’ll stop taking names 3/25 at Midnight EST.

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All I need

This is all the equipment my trainer says that I need to whip the bod into shape. A low body fat is awesome – it really is! Now I need some tone to these here muscles that you can now see :-)

I’ll let you in on my program after I do it for a bit!



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Um, what’s that? 14.5% Body Fat?  Is that what she just said? Can you double check that?

She says it has a +/- 3.5% margin of error. Ok, so it could be 18 or it could be 11!
(She, is the personal trainer at our first appointment – my husband gave it to me as a present for my 40th. So you know I’m not making this shit up.)

Either way! Even if it’s 18% that’s still in the athlete type body fat percentage column. I haven’t been considered an athlete since I was a jayvee field hockey player. The next year I got cut from varsity if that tells you anything.

Holy hell!

This is where I tell all you 4-Hour Body people to measure your body fat percentage before you start. I didn’t. So I don’t know what the actual fat loss percentage is. But what I do know is that I have had 3 babies in 5 years and barely a stitch of exercise so there’s no way I started at 14.5%.

No possible way.

So I ask you…I have 5 more pounds I’d love to lose. Strange I know. But I don’t think lowering my body fat any more is healthy.

Should I continue the 4HB way of eating? Modify it and amp up the exercise?

What have you done when you’ve reached your goal weight or percentage?

Oh and big hugs Tim Ferriss. Mwah.

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The Beginning

It’s the Beginning of my forties this week and I have to say I’m pretty excited.

I only have one kid in diapers now and and they’re all becoming more independent. Which means I can have actual conversations with my husband again.

I’m getting in shape, eating well and feeling great.

Planning a trip with my besties soon.

Extended family is becoming closer.

It’s all good. Oh and I got these for myself…

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