Febphotoaday – Handwriting

Day 20 – Handwriting.

This handwriting is from notes between my brother and I almost 17 years ago. Before texting and twitter and facebook, before cell phones, for goodness sake. People wrote each other notes.

I’ve saved these seemingly innocuous notes because 3 days later he was gone. He was having surgery the next day, hence the “see you when you wake up.” He died three days later.

I have a random assortment of my brother’s things. The handwriting is special for some reason that I can’t quite explain.

As I was going through my memory box the pictures of him we’re making me so sad. Partly because I just miss him. Partly because I also realize I am starting to forget him. Forget what he looks like. I find myself looking at the pictures skeptically.

I don’t have the same reaction to his handwriting. I have cards and some of his journals and they comfort me. The scratches of ink on paper soothe me. Maybe because it’s a not so jarring reminder of his absence, rather a soft affirmation of his existence at all.

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FEBphotoaday Slacker Post

I thought I could keep up this February photo a day challenge. How hard could it be? Well pretty hard it turns out. For me anyway.

I’ve got three pics to post.

Day 15 – phone. I never thought I would be the kind of person who could NOT be without her phone. Turns out I am. It is a fixture in my back pocket. What’s that you say? I know, I know I still have a 3GS. I’m waiting for the 5 okay. Oh, you said nice ass? Thank you (blushing).

Day 16 – something new
The kids went to Disney on Ice last night. Nana bought them these. Their heads nearly exploded.

Day 17 – time
I went with the passage of time. Seriously, how did he get that big?

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Self Portrait

FEBPhotoaday goes on even though I’ve had (and continue to have – I feel it coming on again right now) a giant headache.

The prompt for Day #10 is self portrait. There are not too many times during the day that I am by myself. So I realize this is supposed to be a self portrait and I know you can see there are other people in my photo.

But right now, at this moment in my life, THIS is how I see myself.
(They’re ALWAYS with me…help.)

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February Photo a Day Challenge. Today’s prompt is Button.

This is the most important button in our house. It controls Mommy’s Little Helper.

If it breaks, God help you all. And by you all I mean my husband who will be forced that very second to go out and buy a new one!

#FEBphotoaday Day 7 Button

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The Feb photo a day continues.

I am posting some on my Facebook page and some here so as to not overwhelm my millions of readers in each place with too many photos ;-)

10 am is the prompt for Day #5.


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#FEBphotoaday Day #3 Hands. Cute little pudgy hands.

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