Invasion of the fruit flies

Nov 13, 12 Invasion of the fruit flies

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GAH! Fruit flies. God damn mother $#@%&*ing fruit flies. With the CSA this summer -there were flies. With the aging bananas that are on my counter always – there are flies. But when summer ended and turned to a nice crispy fall air I figured those buggers were gone. Then, all of a sudden, they’re baaaaaack. At one...

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World Food Day

Oct 16, 12 World Food Day

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Today is World Food Day. When you sit down to eat every day, do you think about how the meal you’re eating is the product of a complex, and broken, global food system? This World Food Day, Oxfam America is teaming up with a host of allies across the US and around the globe. We have a simple yet compelling idea—to host a...

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Old school baggin’ it.

Jul 09, 12 Old school baggin’ it.

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I went to the grocery the other day, spur of the moment, so, no bags. When I asked for paper the bagger took out a paper bag IN a plastic bag. “The paper bags don’t have handles so we have to put them in plastic if you want to carry them that way.” Or anyway for that matter, I think to myself. The paper bags were...

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The non crafty mama get her sailboat on.

Sep 01, 11 The non crafty mama get her sailboat on.

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Again, I don’t think I can take credit for this one either. I don’t know if I saw it somewhere or if it just came to me in a vision as I was looking at yet another egg carton in the recylcle bin. You’ll need: egg carton construction paper markers scissors glue       I know most sites would...

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Cloth for kids – a cheapo eco find

Jun 13, 11 Cloth for kids – a cheapo eco find

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And we don’t just use ‘em on bums around here! My kids use cloth napkins when I can get them to use a napkin at all. It’s difficult to get a kid to use a napkin when they think that their shoulder is an equally good alternative. It’s a struggle I know, but if it’s going to end up with one bit of yogurt...

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I ain’t afraid of no poop.

Jan 22, 10 I ain’t afraid of no poop.

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Who’s afraid of a little poop? Me, or at least I was.  My name is Sharon and I am afraid of poop. I wanted to cloth diaper my little one but I was afraid it would be harder, messier, and more expensive than disposables.  And really, was it any better for the environment?  In spite of my fears I started cloth diapering my then...

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