Olaf the Pumpkin Snowman!

I am sure there are a 100 posts about this on Pinterest. But I’m not even going to check. I’m just going to post this for you here because I think it’s so stinkin’ cute.

Olaf from Disney’s Frozen made out of pumpkins for Halloween!

I will NEVER do this this but I hope some of you crafty mamas out there do! I can’t take credit for this. Some crafty person at the Red Fox Bar & Grille in NH made this. We saw it when we visited this weekend. I had to share.


What you’ll need:

3 pumpkins
white paint
black paint of black marker
black felt
orange felt

Go! Make it please? And then show me on Facebook! I’d LOVE to see it.


Craft on mamas, craft on.

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Babba Box – Crafty fun on your doorstep

I went to an event at Barefoot Books last week and I won the door prize!

There were actually two parts to the raffle that were equally exciting. The first was a credit from Urban Sitters! Can you say Date Night?! I have been itching to use Urban Sitter ever since my speed dating experience with them a while back. But I needed a sitter with a car, and lo and behold AT the event I found a sitter with a car that lives in my town. Squeeeee!

Then as if it couldn’t get any better, the other part of the prize was a 3 month subscription to Babba Box. BabbaCo and Barefoot Books had been keeping my kids busy under the watchful eye of the Urban Sitter while we learned all about Babba Box from its founder Jessica Kim. Jessica is a mom of three and as cute and smart and genuine as you can get. Can you say Girl Crush?! Too far? Ok.

But look! She hand wrote every blogger a lovely note on our goody bag.
See? Aren’t you crushing on her a little bit. Handwritten notes rock! I so need to do this more.

But it’s all about that other thing she does – the Babba Box! From the website…

BabbaBox is a monthly subscription activity box that is delivered to your home with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Watch the video below to see first hand what the box is all about!


So in the next few months I’ll let you know what we get and how the kids like it. As an admitted non-crafty mama, I am super psyched for the help!



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A Night at Palettes – Giveaway.

Contest Closed. And the Winner is : Ida M!


Last year, I went to a blogger night at Palettes coordinated by the very lovely Charlene Chronicles. It was a lot of fun and I found out I can paint :-) Since you guys have been so nice to listen to all my whining I thought I would give you a little sumpin sumpin’ :-)

I forgot all about this gift certificate that they gave us at the blogger night. Truth? Ok, I just found it on my totally messy desk. See how you guys WIN from my complete disorganization. Good stuff right?

Palettes Natick

You can totally paint this too!


There is supposed to be a video right here. If it’s not, please refresh. It’s like magic!
Go on over to their website and check it out. They have tons of new paintings since I’ve been there. Oh and you get to drink and eat while you paint. Yup. It’s so much fun.

The Giveaway
  – I have a $70 gift certificate to Palettes Natick. You ‘ll need to book your night out by 4/29/13!

Just let me know in the comments if you think you’re an artist or not! I’ll bet you are ;-)

Want more entries?

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Winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. This giveaway will close at 11:59PM ET, Tuesday, February 19, 2013. Please leave a separate comment for each entry and remember to leave a valid email address.The winner will be chosen via the WordPress plugin “And the Winner Is” and will be notified by email and announced here on the blog. I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I got to go and find out if I’m an artist too :-)  All opinions are my own.



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DIY Autograph Books for Disney World

I am not so crafty, but I try. Sometimes I do it because my kids are begging me. Sometimes I do it because the occasion demands it.

Other times, like this one, I just want something special and different. Autograph books for Walt Disney World.

I just wanted something personalized, small enough for their little hands, and inexpensive.  I didn’t want them to have the very same, kind of cheap feeling, one that everyone else had. I wanted a lot of pages, strong pages that wouldn’t bleed through. I searched for a couple days online and finally settled on these.


I ordered them through Dick Blick Art Materials. They are a simple 6″ x 4″ sketchbook. It comes in black and kraft. They were $5.13 each. I got some stickers and scrapbooking notions from Michaels and, well, all done…

Autographbook for Disney
Mirage Sketchbook Kraft 6″ x 4″

I really love them. The kids will further personalize them as a craft on the plane with some stickers. When we come home I’ll get some photos printed and stick them in there. There’s even enough pages for me to make some notes for them about the special things they saw and did on their trip. And of course a special love note on the inside back cover from mama to each of them.

I also got them each a clickable sharpie in their favorite colors. They are big enough for the characters to hold and will show up really well on the pages.

So it wasn’t like a real craft, really? But I made it for them, and that’s what matters to me.

Seriously? SO excited.

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The not so crafty mama gets her sock puppet on.

Okay so this one isn’t going to win any awards or anything. But it’s a classic.

I was tired and they were begging for a craft.

If you need directions, well, then you need more help than The Life of Reilly can provide.



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Not so crafty mama makes Valentines

I searched for a bit to try and find a Valentine that both my 5.5 and 3.5 year old could make together. I gave them a couple of choices and they decided on these ones from Martha Stewart.

They were real easy to make. I could have let the 5 yo do some cutting but thought it would be faster if I just did it. Faster, yeah right.

You will need:

Construction paper

Fold the construction paper and cut out hearts about 2 in tall.
You’ll need 4 hearts for each Valentine.
Paste the hearts together to make a flower and let dry.
Punch a hole in the middle and insert lollipop.
Write the names on them.


After we decided I found these from Design Mom. Every one of them is so cute. SO cute. Maybe next year.

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