The Non Crafty Mama gets her (Father’s Day) tie on

My kids aren’t doing any camp or organaized activities this summer except for two weeks of swim lessons. They’re for all of 35 minutes. So we’ll have some time together. A lot of time.

I need to get over my craft loathing fear. I do not like gooey, painty, glittery messes. I didn’t really like it when I was a kid and I don’t like it now. You know this already. But you know what? My kids do.

So I’m jumping in.

We start with a verrrrrrrry simple Father’s Day craft, just to get my confidence up.


Fathers Day Tie Craft 1

Fathers Day Tie Craft 3

Cut it out with card stock. Decorate, sign, and tie :-)

Thanks to my friend Teri for the inspiration. It takes a village to get this mama to craft people,
a freaking village.

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