It’s My Birthday!

It is my birthday today!!

I will politely wait for you to finish singing…

Thank you :-)


I think I missed like a whole week of blogging in there. I do not know what happened. Life happened, I guess. I’m busy. We’re all busy.

Except for the lady at the nail salon today who is SO MUCH BUSIER than me and everyone else on the planet. She must have told me how busy she was, or how much she had to do, or going on, or however you’d like to phrase it –  like 6 times.


Deep breath.

I tell you this only to get to the part where I got a mani/pedi today! It was looooong overdue. I was supposed to get one before we went to Disney but then sick children happened. Then I was supposed to get it AT Disney, but then sick children happened. Oy.

So tra la LA!! –  today was the day. I have pretty pink fingernails and lovely purple toenails.

Someone at home became jealous of my toes and insisted I become a pedicurist. Immediately.

cute toes with piggy paint

Gosh how I love those toes.

I tell you this also because I am not my usual angsty self this birthday. Oftentimes I get the birthday blues. But I’m doing ok. This weird encounter with crazy lady might have unhinged me other years and other days, but NOT today. My kids are healthy. Husband has some super secret cake making plans (she spilled it during her pedicure :-) All is well.

Do you ever get weird on your birthday? Do you treat yourself or let others treat you?

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Use the good stuff.

I received a package in the mail a few weeks back and it contained a lovely thank you gift. A pretty bracelet and  a yummy bar of soap. My 4yo daughter was with me as I opened the package. I smelled the soap through the paper and said “oooh that smells nice”. She smelled it and agreed.

I was about to go bring it upstairs and she stopped me. She wanted to know where exactly I was bringing the yummy soap that I just said smelled so pretty. I told her that I was going to put it away so we could save it.

“Why?” She said.

So I could’ve told her a bunch of stuff about how we save stuff for guests, or holidays, or special occasions and really meant it. But I looked at her face and how truly puzzled she was by my impending action. She stopped me in my tracks that day and things really haven’t been the same around here since.

Lately I’ve been feeling like, why not? Why not use my good face lotion everyday? Why not use the pretty glass pitcher for water when we don’t have guests? Why wait for a party? Wear that pretty sundress to Macy’s! That champagne in the back of the cabinet? As Chef Ming Tsai said “Champagne goes with everything, including mornings.”

Why not use the good stuff?? I think that this is a sentiment that my grandmothers would wholly disagree with. These are women that would pack away the good plates as soon as the holiday dinner was over. The notion of saving things has been taking up a lot of space in my noggin these days. But all this stuff? And no one is promised tomorrow.

So my daughter and I opened that soap right then and there and put it in the downstairs bathroom for everyone to enjoy. She uses it every day and encourages everyone that comes over to check out how pretty it smells.

What the heck are you saving your yummy smelling soap for?  Use the good stuff already.


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Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. I thought I would give you a present.

I love me some housewives, yet what I inevitably end up watching is something that has to do with Disney. Warning NSFD (Daughters :-)

This is awesome…


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Rainbow Party – Part 3. The kids.

My birthday boys and girl…


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Rainbow Party – Part 2. The party.

I spent the most time preparing the cakes than any other part of this party. But there was other stuff, and all kinds of fun to be had!

Everything was rainbow. Seven tables with seven different colors arranged in you guessed it – a rainbow. We had goldfish, M&M’s, Skittles and Mike & Ikes all of the rainbow variety. The goodie bags were all rainbow colors packed with a rainbow crayon, puzzle, punch ball and more.

Multicolored games, every color chaulk, and bubbles, which of course when you reaaaaally look at a bubble there’s a rainbow in there :-)

It was unseasonable cold for our May afternoon, but the kids didn’t mind. At least it didn’t rain, but then….well you know what I’m going to say don’t you?


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Kid’s Rainbow Party Part 1 -The Cake

 I was inspired last September by this post by Christine Koh at Boston Mamas about the beautiful rainbow cake she made for her daughter’s birthday. Poking around a bit I found this rainbowtastic post on the subject. The pictures are awesome! (Especially in comparison to most of mine that were taken with my 3GS because my SLR was having a fit that day.)

All winter long I thought about that cake and how I would have my three kid’s birthdays together and it would be all rainbows and awesomeness.  The whole party was designed around this cake. Which turned into these cakes because I decided that they each needed their own cakes.

Then I made another in case there wasn’t enough cake. Seriously what’s wrong with me? Did I mention I’m not really a baker? I like to do it, but I’m not how do you say it, um, I’m not very good at it. There you go. Not very good at it. Almost every single person at the party asked me how I made the cake.

Me, giving baking tips?! Whodathunk? It was actually super easy. I used cake mix and package frosting (please see above paragraph re: me not being good at baking).

After mixing, separate into 6 bowls with equal amounts of batter. Use gel food colors. I tried with liquid first and it didn’t come out nearly as bright. Also use much more food color than you think you should. Maybe 2 teaspoons per color.

Drop the batter into the pans one at a time, either all the batter or a pattern, but DO NOT MIX IT in the pans. You will have a disgusting brown grey looking cake. Not what you’re going for.


Bake, frost, and serve, baby! In case you’re wondering, no this is not on the 4HB plan. Also, I think this cake is a one off for me until I find some suitable vegetable food colors. All that food coloring skeeved me out a bit.

But it sure looked purty :-)

Rainbow Cake


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