Um, what’s that? 14.5% Body Fat?  Is that what she just said? Can you double check that?

She says it has a +/- 3.5% margin of error. Ok, so it could be 18 or it could be 11!
(She, is the personal trainer at our first appointment – my husband gave it to me as a present for my 40th. So you know I’m not making this shit up.)

Either way! Even if it’s 18% that’s still in the athlete type body fat percentage column. I haven’t been considered an athlete since I was a jayvee field hockey player. The next year I got cut from varsity if that tells you anything.

Holy hell!

This is where I tell all you 4-Hour Body people to measure your body fat percentage before you start. I didn’t. So I don’t know what the actual fat loss percentage is. But what I do know is that I have had 3 babies in 5 years and barely a stitch of exercise so there’s no way I started at 14.5%.

No possible way.

So I ask you…I have 5 more pounds I’d love to lose. Strange I know. But I don’t think lowering my body fat any more is healthy.

Should I continue the 4HB way of eating? Modify it and amp up the exercise?

What have you done when you’ve reached your goal weight or percentage?

Oh and big hugs Tim Ferriss. Mwah.

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Some Like it Hot – Spicy Taco Salad

My husband is someone that likes it hot. Probably why he married a feisty southern Italian with an Irish temper. I do all the cooking so I try to get some hot stuff in there every once and a while just for him. Turns out though, I love this too!

Taco Salad

This recipe is for two people with leftovers. That’s how we roll.
Adjust to suit your needs and taste.  Also, I use mostly ingredients from Trader Joe’s. You use whatever you like.

1 tbsp oil

1 medium onion diced

2 clove garlic crushed

1 lb organic ground beef

2 tbsp taco seasoning

salt and pepper

Trader Joe’s organic fire roasted diced tomatoes with green chiles
(use a cup of regular diced tomatoes to lesson the fire in your mouth – or not)

1 can organic pinto beans

iceberg lettuce

1 avocado sliced or guacamole

In a large frying pan heat up oil.  Add the diced onions and garlic until soft. Add ground beef. Use taco seasoning to taste.
When the beef is browned, add tomatoes and pinto beans. simmer for 15 min. Let cool for 15 min.

Serve over chopped iceberg lettuce topped with guacamole or slice avocado

You’re welcome :-)


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The Beginning

It’s the Beginning of my forties this week and I have to say I’m pretty excited.

I only have one kid in diapers now and and they’re all becoming more independent. Which means I can have actual conversations with my husband again.

I’m getting in shape, eating well and feeling great.

Planning a trip with my besties soon.

Extended family is becoming closer.

It’s all good. Oh and I got these for myself…

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His ‘n Hers

Hubs made us some kettlebells over the weekend to kick off Month 2 of the 4-Hour Body. I am a full foot shorter than him, hence the drastically different sizes. We need a couple more plates for him and we’re good to go!

His n Hers homemade kettlebells.

Here’s how he made them.

The first video is the swing and the second is making your own kettlebells. You can get all the stuff at the hardware store.

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20 Days

There are 20 days until I’m 40 years old.

I took to the internet a couple of weeks ago and let you all in on some goals and simple ways of being I’d like to create before I turn 40. You know, try to be a grown up.

So do you want to know how I’m doing??

First thing is I am back to my pre-baby weight!  Well my pre 2nd & 3rd baby weight.  If it was first baby weight, that would bring me back to 2005 and that would be my wedding weight.  I’m not even sure I want to be all the way there again, but I’ll see.  I owe it all to the 4-Hour Body.  It’s been a small sacrifice to change the way I eat for a while, and the numbers don’t lie. I didn’t participate in much of the exercise part of my first post because that wasn’t a part of the 4-Hour body regimen.  I do Jillian’s 6 pack ab or Shred 2 times per week and Tim Ferriss’ 6 minute abs. Already seeing some definition! Hubs is going to make us some kettle bells this weekend.

Getting our financial house in order has meant ditching Bank of America.  We are now in a more local bank. The kids have passbook savings -how cute is that. Teaching my kids about money, that’s grown up  right? I have gotten into the meat of Mint.com to get a better handle on our finances.  We will be paying down our debt AND saving for Disney.  How bout them apples?

We had a Sunday Dinner and it was lovely.

The friend thing has not gone as well. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own life and my own day that I forget to reach out beyond these four walls and this screen. I did have a date with the BFF but I bailed because my kids have crazy nap time schedules and on that particular day they were opposite.  The we got the stomach flu and I didn’t want to go near anybody for weeks. So…I do have a girls night scheduled for next week to talk more about our 40th Birthday Party extravaganza (that’s another post :-)

The schedule is taking shape.  The baby is a bit more predictable these days, two naps at regular times. Big boy and I have come up with lessons for the afternoon. I think he needs his time scheduled more like preschool, so he knows what to expect. It would probably help me too. AND potty training. Hallelujah! Potty training Bunny is going really well.  She actually told me yesterday she needed to go and high tailed it to the potty. Awesome!  I can almost see the light at the end of the 2 in cloth diapers tunnel.

My husband actually wrote me a love letter for Valentine’s Day – I didn’t think he would remember.  But HE DID!  We went out on a date night too.  So that’s a start.

There you have it. Things are going well.

A fully realized grown up I am not.

Maybe someday…


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4-Hour Body Meals (pics)

So Week 2 has passed. The food got better and the people got skinnier! The numbers don’t give a clear picture of what’s happening, because we didn’t measure body fat only pounds and inches. But we can see it and FEEL it! The 4-Hour Body way of eating seems to be working for us.

I have a few go-to meals for my husband and I.  We only plan on experimenting with this WOE for a month or so.  It’s a bit boring, but we know we’re going to like our food!


Disclosure: Amazon Affiliate Link above.

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