Tim Ferriss – I want my boobs back.

I have been using the The 4-Hour Body way of eating for 8 weeks now and my body fat has gone down to an amazing 14.5%.  My husband and I have lost over 30 lbs and many inches. The fat loss is staggering really. I have also been using the workout recommendations from the book. I enjoy it so much that I expound on its benefits to anyone that will listen and have inspired others to take up this new way of eating.  Even wrote a little ditty for newbies to help them out.

I have expanded my horizons food wise. I have never eaten and loved so many beans in my life (yummy Taco Salad I’m looking at you). I have new recipes that I will continue to use after this experiment is finished. Love the new food I’ve discovered.

I have started running. I am amazed how much easier and enjoyable running is when I don’t have 20 extra pounds to bring along with me.

I have more energy to keep up with my kids. Three kids under five require quite a bit of it!

So all in all, I’m stoked about the whole thing. But last night I got kinda pissed at Tim Ferris and his stupid #4hb.

Nowhere in the book did it mention one particular side effect and I am wondering why. WHY? Before bed I was checking out my new look in the mirror. Maybe it’s my own fault, I have been focused on my backside quite a bit. With the whole perfect posterior exercises how could I not be? And it does look good! But how could I have missed this? It’s right there in front of me!

It is clear Tim has an affinity for women, the way we look and, um, pleasing us. How could he not tell us!

So there I am standing in front of the mirror wondering why he didn’t mention with all that fat loss that some of it might come from my BREASTS! My boobs are a shell of their former selves Tim Ferris, and I blame you.

So I don’t want my money back Tim, I just want my boobs back. Buyer beware.


And no, you pervs, I am not posting any other pictures.

Disclosure: Amazon Affiliate Link above.

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Carry your weight in your phone

I blur the numbers so you don’t focus on MY numbers. Focus on your own ;-)

I am carrying my weight in my phone now and NOT my hips :-)

Thanks to the Measurement Tracker.

I downloaded this little app the other day to keep track of my measurements and stats as I continue on this 4-Hour Body journey.

All you have to do is pick the date and input the stat. Do it a few more times. Press graph and there you have it. Visual affirmation of your downward progress! You can even back date, so you can take your initial scribbles and get them in here. The geek in me loves being able to see it on a graph with the swipe of a couple of buttons. I wish that the list function went from oldest to newest, because that’s how my brain works (but that’s just me, and what updates are for ;-)

I’m handing out some promo codes that Zach at They Used a Pencil kindly gave to me so you can get started tracking your stats. Just leave a comment here or like The Life of Reilly on Facebook and you’re name will be thrown into the virtual hat. That’s all.

Disclosure: They Used a Pencil gave me a promo code as well to try it out. Just so you know. I’ll stop taking names 3/25 at Midnight EST.

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Gratitude and Inspiration

I am so thankful for all the kind words and thoughts I received over the weekend regarding the death of my brother. Even though it was so long ago, it made a difficult weekend a bit easier. Knowing the love others had for him, and have for me, was such a gift.

I am especially thankful to my friend Lynnette. She reminded me of a story I told in one of our Masters degree classes about my brother. I found that story in my notes up in the attic and I will make it into a book for my children. A book about their Uncle Danny. I can’t wait to get started.

Lots of people and things inspire me. Words, pictures, films, gestures, nature, my children…  I am so tickled that I have become an inspiration to others. Little ole’ me!

Mamas from all parts of my life, a childhood friend, a high school cheer leading teammate, a college friend, and a new online friend I’ve haven’t even met yet. And there are countless others that follow me on twitter. We are a mutual admiration society of people giving each other virtual high fives.

It all has to do with the 4 Hour Body and the success I’ve had on it.

So just thanks everyone. It was an interesting weekend. Much love. Thanks.

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*Those* cravings

I have PMS. If talk of periods and PMS offends you, stop reading.

Ok, so who’s still here?  Let’s continue.

I get cravings for certain types of food while I have PMS and during my period. The usual suspects, anything salty or chocolate-y. These things aren’t really on the approved list of 4HB foods, are they?

Last night I wanted chocolate so bad. If I didn’t get some, heads were gonna roll. I gave in. Yes, that’s right I didn’t just write it down on my cheat day list. Are you kidding? Stop it.

This was urgent, serious, chocolate-y business. I have removed all sweets except for my kids cookies. So I had 3 Chocolate Joe Joe’s. For those of you that don’t know they are Trader Joe’s Oreos. And they are SO GOOD!

So now we can talk about it. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone in your time of the month cheats.While we are confessing, last month I ate at least a quarter of a bag of the M&M’s I was using for my daughter’s potty training. :-) Ahhhh, that felt good. Now you go.

What do you crave and how do you manage it? Do you give in or replace it with something else?

Also, is there a fucking 4HB candy bar? Because I would seriously pay BIG money for it right now.



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All I need

This is all the equipment my trainer says that I need to whip the bod into shape. A low body fat is awesome – it really is! Now I need some tone to these here muscles that you can now see :-)

I’ll let you in on my program after I do it for a bit!



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4-Hour Body – 10 tips for Newbies



This is for my mom and my sister. After seeing me at my birthday party and how amazing I look (my Mom’s words – thank you mommers!), they have both decided to give the The 4-Hour Body way of eating a try. My mom needs more fiber than the average bear. My sister HATES beans and trying new things ;-) So I thought I would help them out a bit by telling them exactly what they needed, what they didn’t, how to cope, how to cheat, and in turn how to lose all the body fat they want! I thought some of you might be interested in this to so, now it’s a blog post…

1. The first step is to forget everything you know about diet and exercise and go get yourself a copy of the 4-Hour Body. Treat it like an experiment. One day at a time then one week at a time. It gets easier. I swear you will not miss some of those carbs by week two. Promise.

2. Let go of expectations from your own history, experience and even from what Tim says in 4HB. Just let it go and keep on with your new eating experiment. For women over 40 with children especially, know that the real progress may not happen until week 5 or 6 and it might not be able to be seen on the scale. Men, you lucky ducks, you’ll drop weight like you simply asked it to come off.

3. Speaking of scales, get your body fat measured by someone, somewhere. I took all my measurements except for that. I wish I had known what I was before starting because it would have made my 14.5% body fat EVEN sweeter. Chart your course, but please don’t obsess about it.

4. Pick a few meals, I think two days worth is the magic number and just eat those. Learn to make them so you love them. Trying to figure out what to eat a half hour before you are super hungry will not help you succeed.

This is our basic meal rotation:


Scrambled eggs with black beans and salsa

Salad with grilled chicken, cajun white fish, or tuna and chickpeas or pinto beans

Southwest Turkey Chili

Grilled chicken in bib lettuce sandwiches

Stir fry chicken or steak

Taco Salad &  Salsa Chicken

With all of these I make the meat a flavor that we love with tons of fresh veggies, then I add beans where I can for more protein. I need to LOVE my food, because well, I love food. This way of eating wouldn’t work if I didn’t find meals I really enjoyed.

5. To my sister the bean hater: the beans I find least offensive, because I’m not a huge fan either, are black beans, kidney and pinto beans. Start with those then add some more. I’m still trying to work on a recipe to use lentils. I do not love.

6. If you’re not used to eating beans – I wasn’t…get the beans in a can. Get organic if possible and remember to rinse before you eat them.

7. If you’re still hungry eat another meal, or grab a hard boiled egg. Don’t reach for peanuts or almonds. That was my downfall the first week or two and the reason I didn’t see more results.

8. Wait a bit to start exercising. See some results from just the diet first. I started on week four. I do kettlebell swings and lifts with 6 minute abs and the exercises he set out for Fleur on pg 168 – Flying dogs and glute raises. I also just started a yoga class 1x per week. That’s about it. I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Monday. She is designing a full body program for me that I can incorporate into my busy life, for life.

9. You don’t have eat until you get sick on cheat day! The first two cheat days were great. The next two made me feel sick. So I am not a binge kinda cheat day person. I just go back to the way I used to eat and eat the food I miss like bananas and egg sandwiches with cheese and pasta. Oh and cookies :-) But that’s just me. You may like a huge pig out.

10. You don’t have to do ALL of 4HB to get results. I am not a bachelor cooking for myself with no one else depending on me, not that there’s anything wrong with that ;-) But that is what Tim Ferris is and what many of the people experimenting with this way of eating are. I have three children and a husband, and I work from home part time. I also don’t do supplements because I am still nursing. I don’t have time for ice baths and such I can barely get a shower in most days :-)

Give it a go. Follow it to the letter, make adjustments, whatever. What have you got to lose – except some body fat that you didn’t really want anyway right? In a short six weeks or so you’re not going to believe the way your body looks.

What other tips do YOU have for them?


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