Blizzard 2013 stops traffic AND the whining.

The Blizzard of 2013 just came roaring through the Northeast and did two amazing things. It stopped all traffic in Massachusetts for 24 hours and it stopped me from whining about our trip for a bit. :-)

Some images for you snow viewing pleazzah.

Blizzard7This one was asleep during all the outside fun. He’ll go tomorrow, don’t worry.




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My new cleaning machine

I was horrified when I opened up a particular Christmas present this year.


I have told my husband that things like pots and pans, irons, and VACUUMS are not presents. They’re just not. Jewelry is a present. A vacuum is an indictment on the cleanliness of my house. It’s impersonal. And it will really piss me off. The box was too small to be a vacuum, or so I thought.

In his defense he looked truly terrified when I turned around to look at him after I opened it.

“Honey, it’s an awesome vacuum. It’s a Dyson!” He said.

He explained that he has watched me for years tote the old giant vacuum around the house and up the stairs. It was my grandmother’s – I’m not kidding. Ours broke right before my oldest was born and my Dad gave me this one to tide us over. It worked fine so we never replaced it.

He told me he just wanted me to have an easier time. He said hew was sorry – “But look, it’s purple!”

Well it IS cute.

She makes that vacuum look good, I just make it look goofy.

All the cool girls are packing a Dyson Digital Slim.

All the cool girls are packing a
Dyson Digital Slim.


So there you have, it I got a vacuum for Christmas. Also – it is AWESOME. I love it. It’s a Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum.

I also really appreciate that my husband gave it to me. He was being thoughtful and I realize that. He also followed it up quickly with earrings :-)

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LUSH soap giveaway – FUN

Recently a sweet smelling package arrived on my doorstep. Inside? Super FUN soap for kids from LUSH.

This soap is a four-in-one phenomenon combining soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and malleable toy into a single roll. Your kids will love playing with this multi-purpose moldable soap. It’s like playdough that you can clean yourself with! You can mold it into fun shapes and then take it into the bath. Pinch off a bit and use it as shampoo. Or crumble it under some warm water for bubbles.

Each color has a unique, but in my opinion strong, scent that evokes fond childhood memories of things like fresh baking and candies. My kids did not mind the smell at all. In fact quite the opposite, they thought they smelled yummy :-)

YELLOW FUN: A comforting blend of vanilla and gardenia, smells like delicious marzipan.

GREEN FUN: An uplifting fragrance with lemon and lime oils that awaken the senses.

RED FUN: A fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils to revitalize the mind.

BLUE FUN: A gentle, soothing hug in the bath before bedtime using calming oils such as lavender and chamomile.

PINK FUN: A sweet treat with ice-cream scented tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid which helps to stimulate circulation.

**FUN is made with a base of corn flour, talc and glycerine, it’s even ideal for bathing beauties with sensitive skin.

Also 2.5% of sales from every bar of FUN is contributed to the FUNd, a LUSH initiative which supports charities in Fukushima, Japan that create safe places for children to play outside.
Put a little FUN in your bathtime routine! Each roll of fun is $6.95.

The Giveaway I have 3 bars of FUN to giveaway. Perfect stocking stuffers. The Winner is M’Ris – Congrats!

Just leave a comment about which color FUN sounds most appealing to you.

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Heart of Haiti for the Holidays

Are you stuck thinking about what to get people for the Holidays? Macy’s Heart of Haiti can help.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be on a call with a Macy’s Heart of Haiti artist Moro Baruk. He and his team make beautiful papier mache earring and carnival masks. He told us that his association with Macy’s has increased the prestige of his bricks and mortar store. It also, probably most importantly, makes his workers proud. The devastating earthquake back in 2010 has made it difficult for Haitians to earn a living. Half of the wholesale price of these products goes back to the artist.

Here are some of the beautiful choices from the Heart of Haiti Collection:

I’m in love with this little owl in case you’re shopping for me ;-)

I was not compensated in anyway for this post :-)

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I’m sorry I puked on your house

OMG! Seriously did he just say that?

We are in the middle a viral/bacterial/germy infestation in our house. Two cases of croup, then pneumonia, then an ear infection.

Aaaaaand we’re pretty sure that T has asthma.

It has been two weeks since the croup diagnosis and he’s still not 100%. Barely 50%. He’s been feeling really awful and having to use a nebulizer. He’s completely congested. I’d had enough and called the doctor. The nurse asked if we could get there soon. Sure we can. Let’s get this done!

So we’re on our way out the door and he starts coughing, and gagging. Then coughing and gagging and dry heaving. Oh yeah, this is happening. I move him to a place that has only hardwood because I’ve seen this flick before. He coughs, gags, and hurls everywhere.

Poor thing. (Also, WTF man, I’m trying to get you out the door and to the doctor.)

I clean him up, and set him to the side. Then I start to clean up the floor. At which point a little voice behind me says “Mama, I’m sorry I puked on your house.”

I turn around slowly and stare at him laughing a little. “What did you say baby?”

“I sorry I puke on your house mama.”


And then I hightailed it to the doctor.



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Cay’s tea cup

I drink my latte out of the same mug every day. I bought it over the summer as a gift to myself for cleaning up my messy desk. I wasn’t allowed to use it until the desk was clean.

I was drawn to it because I love the colors. Also, I imagined it was something Cay would have had tea out of. I imagined that she had pretty tea cups that she saved for special occaisions. I think they’re all still in my cousin’s house right now. I’ll have to ask my mom for sure.

You see, Cay died when my mom was just 12. Many of the recipes I will share and the ways that she was, come directly from my mother’s memory not my own first hand experience.

My uncle once told me that I looked like her. I was over the moon about that for some reason. I love this tea cup.

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