14 Day Whole Food Detox – A challenge and a discount

Are you ready to leave fogginess behind? What about bloat? Ready to feel great? Want to figure out which foods are unkind to your body? Which foods are kind?

Do you have 14 days? That’s all it takes.

I’ve done this detox before and I love it and that’s why I’m here talking to you about it. If you’ve read my other posts or watched my vlogs about it then you know. Now it’s your turn!

Register here!  Use the code CANDYBOWL for 15% off.


The November detox program starts on Sunday Nov 2nd. Immediately upon registration, you will receive two video Pre-Modules to supplement your course work and help you get started right away. This is a virtual course, delivered live.  You will receive three video modules plus digital materials via email and training calls via webinar. Learn the whys + hows of clean eating.

Digital program material includes a guidebook, an exact seasonal grocery list, recipe pack, and much more. Frequent emails during the program are included to guide you each step of the way. An online community for support and accountability all day, every day, via your private Facebook community of up to 100 other men and women. Two LIVE training calls delivered by Jody + Ashley.

Got a question? Need expert support? You’ll have access to Jody + Ashley (both certified holistic nutrition coaches) via your private Facebook forum throughout the program.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? The November program starts on Sunday and the doors close on registration tomorrow! Use the code CANDYBOWL to get 15% off.


Oh and this right here…

You can totally eat this on this detox. It’s a Chocolate Brownie Oat Bar!

I have done the Whole Food Detox and believe in it and J+A so much that I joined their affiliate program so that I can promote this awesome program while making a little money – -that’s my disclosure ;-)

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Mason Jar Daisy Lid. A must have for summer fun and parties.

Daisy Lid for Mason Jars are a must have for summer fun and parties!



We have a lot of parties at our house. Not fancy schmancy cover the chairs in white parties but just regular friends over for good food and fun parties.

Recently, I had my little girls 6th birthday party at the house. Well didn’t she want a fancy party? Yes, she did! So we covered the kid table with a pretty table cloth and let her use my grandmother’s old monterey pastel stoneware. It was lovely.

But you know what the girls loved most? These daisy mason jar lids. They thought they were the best thing since fruit roll ups.


I posted a picture on Facebook and everyone there thought those lids were the best thing since, well, Facebook :-)

This is not a new trend, but one that I think bears some reminding. Everyone has mason jars. Everyone loves mason jars. The single best purchase I’ve made this year for parties and entertaining are these cute daisy lids. Get yourself some and have a little more fun at your parties this summer.

I made myself a drink in one of those mason jars after the party was over! I choose a pink umbrella.




Disclosure: Mason jar lid links are Amazon Affiliate links!

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Why we are a CSA kinda family.

We missed the signup for the CSA last year and we were pretty bummed. So when the email came in…I was ON IT! Basically I bought all of our vegetables that we’ll be eating this summer in January. Bizarro, right?

I had my doubts about a CSA at first. It felt slighty elitist is a strange way. Well, not so strange because it’s not cheap. Also, our CSA is located in a very wealthy town. “Going off to Weston to pick up our expensive organic vegetables that someone picked just for us dahling. Ta ta!” is how it felt, at first.

Then the vegetables came in to the house and it was overwhelming. Some I’d never heard of. Others I was sure I didn’t like. I had to wash it all. I had to put it away and organize it so it wouldn’t go to waste. It took some doing.

But then some weird things started happening. My daughter started to ask “When are we going to the farm, mama?” My oldest son would ask “What week will the ‘zipper peas’ be ready to pick?”.  My youngest son, who was always napping the first year would whine “Why don’t IIIIIIIIIIIIII get to go the faaaaaaaaarm?”

They wanted to go. They wanted to pick. They want to play in the fields. They wanted to talk about the farm and the vegetables and the flowers and the animals. So much of what our kids learn doesn’t come from a lesson at school, but experiences outside the classroom. Shared experiences with siblings about weird vegetables and honey bees. Lessons from mom about how she learned to pick cucumbers from Papa when she was little.


My Dad was an organic farmer way before Whole Foods was around. We would eat the beans right off the plant when were kids. That garden was our playground. It wasn’t huge mind you, but the yield was enough for all of us and some of the neighbors. I can’t recreate that in the postage stamp of a yard I have now, but I can take them to a farm every week.

Then, more weird things. All those vegetables that at first I was like “Aw, hell no!” Well now they have a place at our table all summer. I figured it out! The farm helps with tastings at pick up. Those tasting helped the kids to like both cabbage and radishes.

Here’s the thing about a CSA to all those who would say “you can just by those vegetables at the grocery store you know.” Yes, I know.

But I wouldn’t. I really wouldn’t. And neither would you if you’re honest. Would you really walk in to the grocery store and say “Hey – I think I’ll buy some Tatsoi today.” No, no you wouldn’t.

Also I did the math, it works out to be about the same as buying it at the market. But you get so. much. more. Because of my experiences with the Four Hour Body and a Whole Food Detox, we have been trying to eat a more whole food diet in our house. And then there’s pesticides, and Monsanto, and being able to eat LOCAL. A CSA just makes sense, for us.

Now we have not one, but two, spaces planted in our tiny yard. One for vegetables and one for flowers. We may not get anything to put on the table out of them, but the kids couldn’t be happier tending to them. My son won’t eat chicken nuggets, but he will eat cole slaw. So there’s that too.

My youngest finally gets to go the the faaaaaaaaaarm this year. I can’t wait to see what his siblings show him and what he discovers there!


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Sriracha Deviled Eggs


Sriracha Deviled Eggs

6 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 TBSP Sriracha
2TBSP Organic Mayo
1TSP lime juice
1TBSP Cilantro
pinch of salt

As with many recipes all of this is to taste. Especially the Sriracha. Go easy or go big. You decide.

Everything you ever needed to know about hard boiled eggs is in this Food Lab article. Summed up nicely with  – Start with old eggs (not outdated, just not the ones you just took from under mother hen), cook them hot (but skip the pressure cooker – who would do that?), chill them rapidly and completely, crack all over, and peel under running water.

Yes, I realize the mayo is missing form this pic. Nothing more unappetizing than a blob of mayo, so…

Mix it. Mix it real good. I don’t like lumps.

IMG_3805So pretty. AND YUMMY.



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The End of Detox – Whole Food Living

My 14 day Whole Food Detox ended on Sunday. I had a latte, drank some wine, and ate some chips and salsa! It was lovely.

I had a day or two off, but now it seems I’m back to eating most of the same foods I had been eating for the past two weeks on the detox. I had quinoa with cilantro, lime and avocado for dinner because I can’t get enough of it.

My very basic takeaways from the past two weeks are eat whole foods, be kind to you body, and don’t eat crap. Pretty simple really. And now I think it’s going to become a very big part of the way we eat and live.

Here’s the vlog…

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The Magic Happens in a backlit mess

Vlog #3 Baby! (please say that like joey from Friends if you’re of a certain age. “London Baby!”)

I’m putting it out there even though it’s a backlit mess. I have to move on. It’ll be fine. This is a journey right? I spent the day trying to figure out the best angles to shoot food prep in my little kitchen. It’s gonna be fun kids!

So talking about that space, the kitchen, I spend most of my time there. It’s where all the magic happens.

To be corny it’s where I sustain my family and build bonds with my kids. Friends come over and we laugh there. Someone needs something they find me in the kitchen.

So there it is or rather here it is…

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