Another puppy in the snow video! Woof woof.

Another day, another snowstorm, another puppy in the snow video.

I do believe this is what you skiers call freshies! First tracks in the powder. I thought I was going to lose him for sure.

Jojo the goldendoodle.

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The Taming of the Art

I finally broke down and bought the Keepsake Portfolio at Lakeshore yesterday while I was getting a teacher gift.

Why not as mom gift as well? Times 3!


I had been balking for 3 years because of the price thinking that my homemade version would be just fine.

Clearly my current solution in not exactly working.



The plan is to keep everything throughout the year. Cull it every month or so by taking pictures and recycling. Keeping only the stuff I, or the kids, reaaaaaaally want.

I’ll let you know how that goes!





The link above is an affiliate link, justs so you know :-)

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I’m sorry I puked on your house

OMG! Seriously did he just say that?

We are in the middle a viral/bacterial/germy infestation in our house. Two cases of croup, then pneumonia, then an ear infection.

Aaaaaand we’re pretty sure that T has asthma.

It has been two weeks since the croup diagnosis and he’s still not 100%. Barely 50%. He’s been feeling really awful and having to use a nebulizer. He’s completely congested. I’d had enough and called the doctor. The nurse asked if we could get there soon. Sure we can. Let’s get this done!

So we’re on our way out the door and he starts coughing, and gagging. Then coughing and gagging and dry heaving. Oh yeah, this is happening. I move him to a place that has only hardwood because I’ve seen this flick before. He coughs, gags, and hurls everywhere.

Poor thing. (Also, WTF man, I’m trying to get you out the door and to the doctor.)

I clean him up, and set him to the side. Then I start to clean up the floor. At which point a little voice behind me says “Mama, I’m sorry I puked on your house.”

I turn around slowly and stare at him laughing a little. “What did you say baby?”

“I sorry I puke on your house mama.”


And then I hightailed it to the doctor.



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UrbanSitter – Sitters made simple

I went to a speed dating session with baby sitters last week. The first thing I have to say is THANK GOD I found my husband before the whole speed dating thing happened because that shit is crazy. It was loud and confusing and hard to keep track of everyone. However, I doubt I ever would have attended an event with men of comparable caliber to the young women at this sitter event. Ahem.

Weird thing to say I know.

But these sitters were amazing. Young and energetic, super smart -all of them were attending top Boston Universities.  They all came with years of experience and references.  And they’ve had background checks. Can you say that about your husband ;-) They’ve worked with special needs kids, understand food allergies, know CPR. They love kids- LOVE kids. They want to play with them and teach them. AND then they said they’d clean up the kitchen too. Are you kidding me?

So this amzing group of young women came from UrbanSitter, a new online way to book your sitter. This site is clean and easy to use. I went on and logged in using my Facebook id. Within a minute I found four sitters near me with a car (the only requirement I have that was missing from all but one of the girls at the event). With the press of a button I could have booked one of them for Friday night and paid online and gone about my business of planning date night!

The real genius of this service is, first the simplicity. Second because it’s connected to Facebook you can tell which of your friends have used and would recommend a particular sitter. Third, they have a mobile app. You can find someone on the go if all of a sudden plans change. Brilliant!

I have three kids and the prices, while different based on experience  all seemed reasonable to me. So go check them out and let the date nights, or mani pedi appointments, or OMG spur of the moment I have to get out of this house right now moments- begin :-)

UrbanSitter is on Facebook and on the big world wide web right here.



All opinions are my own. I received a $10 off coupon from Urban Sitter to attend this event. Otherwise I was not compensated for this post, unless you count the amazing food that Bread and Chocolate in Newton Highlands provided for me to eat while I was there. Then yes, I was compensated. YUM! Thanks Cindy

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Happy October!

squash and gourds

I love October. It’s warm then it’s cold. It rains and sometimes it snows! I still have the window open in my bedroom, but I can drink tea at night now.

I love that we can go apple picking (or just that I can get local apples whenever I want) and pumpkins are everywhere.

I feel a bit re-energized in October. The back to school crazy has turned into a routine. I know where everyone is and how they’re getting there. Mornings have a rhythm.

I also have a bit of time to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning which is nice. And weird. My kids are getting bigger. Sports on Saturdays have arrived. But I see the light at the end of the diaper tunnel. I may move the baby out of his crib next weekend to a big boy bed.

Things are changing, leaves are falling. Happy October.


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Grow Method -Let’s Build a Better Food System

In our home we do a lot to help the environment and I try to get my family to eat in a healthy way. But maybe I could do more? Maybe we could all do more.

I’m going to be posting and sharing a lot about this Oxfam campaign in the next few weeks: The Grow Method.

Here’s a fun way to kick it off…






This post (and my sharing on social media) was inspired by my participation in a compensated program initiated by Women Online/The Mission List to raise awareness about Oxfam America’s GROW Method. All commentary and opinions are, of course, my own.

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